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About Druzenet

Druzenet is a noncommercial website that was launched in 1996 under the sponsorship of the incomparable person of His Imminence Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith. Sheikh Ghaith valiantly carried the flame of Mashiakhat El-Aql (The Highest Spiritual Druze Leadership)for15 years (against all odds and obstacles), and withdrew in 2006 voluntarily from his position crowning a life-long journey of trials, tribulations and sacrifice on all levels for the sake of preserving The Brotherhood  and The Oath.

He finally stepped out willingly in protest against the governmental unconstitutional intervention in the Druze Religious Affairs that displayed in the Lebanese Parliament passing a Law tailored to meet the desires of a Druze political party - a law that was vetoed by His Excellency the Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud for its clear and evident breach of constitution.

This unprecedented interference that targeted the Druze out of all other religions, under the deceptive slogan Organizing the Affairs of the Druze Community, ultimately aimed at reducing the sacred role of Mashiakhat El-Aql (the symbol of Druze Religious Independency and the only official Druze Spiritual Leadership) into a folkloric dummy in the hand of the political leader. Imagine the same thing happening to the Christian Patriarch or to the Moslem Mufti!!!! Imagine the Parliament legislating (on behalf of the Vatican) "Religious Christian Affairs"...

With the organized dismissal of the Constitutional Council , whose job is to protect sacred institutions from being subject to such form of secular aggression (as it did in year 2000 when a similar attempt was aborted by the council), Sheikh Ghaith had two choices: the first is to remain in his position within a preset scenario of more than one Sheikh Aql in compliance to what he have always fought against which is segmenting El-Mashiakhat into shares divided and owned by the political leaders - each claiming his own piece. The second is to refuse to take part in such demeanor which he considered mortifying to the Religious Sanctity of the Druze; so he did what very few men in power are willing to do in this day and age: He stepped out gracefully after refusing to allow his case to be politicized to his own benefit or to take any advantage of the political clash between those leaders that was going on at the time, leaving behind him a history written with words of power, honor, courage and dignity and utter rejection to bow down to any secular intervention in the Spiritual Druze Affairs under any circumstance or in return for any price.

If there is one reason as to why we as Druze are being easily targeted on such level - why our deep spiritual affairs became the joke of the Lebanese Parliament, it would have to be our unforgivable Silence which has always been used against us on all levels, starting from our own Druze politicians who have somehow invested in our special situation, making of our youth's spiritual ignorance a recipe for blind and unconditional allegiance to their parties.

For more than a decade now, Druzenet, under Sheikh Ghaith's close guidance and sponsorship, reflected his spirit of religious pride and integrity. Druzenet broke the silence at times when doing so was considered a "felony", enduring all sort of harsh criticism and organized attempts to nail down the site's credibility and depress its free spirit.

Across the years, Druzenet has never stopped being a pioneer in its dedication to reveal the Druze Spiritual Identity to the Druze communities in the Middle East and worldwide, providing quality material that aims at simplifying complex Druze Doctrines (of high philosophical and cognitive value) to the average discernment. For more than a decade and a budget that exceeded a million dollars granted by Sheikh Ghaith from his personal wealth, we printed, translated and published countless articles, magazines, books and  publications, reaching out to a wide range of  readers online and on the ground (in Lebanon and worldwide) and answering to the needs of those among the Druze brothers and sisters who wish to know more about their forsaken identity and the non-Druze from all nationalities, cultures  and  religions who are generally curious to demystify their conceptions or misconceptions on the Druze Religion. 

Amidst a jungle of false and often spiteful accounts written on the Druze in print form and online, we've always felt it is necessary to break the Millennial Silence that has engulfed us as a community of brotherhood brought together under The Sacred Oath &The five Colored Flag and introduce ourselves by ourselves to a world that is growing increasingly smaller, harder to hide in and completely intolerant to such form of blind conservatism. We believe that we as Druze have nothing to hide that has not been revealed one way or the other, especially by some people who continue to invest in our silence to make up their own twisted stories on the Druze.

Our doctrines are timeless and universal, and were taught by blessed Minds like Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Parmenides, Hermes and Seth thousands of years ago. Our spiritual identity pauses no threat to any body. This fact is evident throughout the Druze history in the Levant and the important role the Druze played to bridge between the east and the west, the Christian and the Moslem. It is about time everyone understands once and for all that our silence has never been a cover up for any malignant intentions against other religions or faiths; on the contrary, it has protected our choice to live peacefully with "The Other" and embrace religious diversity, through minimizing the negativity aroused by preachy behavior. We simply ask of no one to convert to Druzism, neither do we expect of anyone from another religion to ask from us a similar thing, because this kind of behavior expresses deep religious bias which is far more dangerous than the Druze peaceful silence however mysterious it may be. 

However, we believe that silence has served its purpose, and its time to move on. Our sacred universal wisdom undoubtedly warrant more from us in those challenging times. It does not deserve to be hidden like a shame or a sin anymore or treated with neglect and indifference. This is no longer a world in which Gnostics are persecuted or burnt to death for believing in reincarnation. This is a world where even Satan Worshippers are not afraid or ashamed to scream out loud for what they believe in. So the question is: Where is our pride as Sons and Daughters of the Wholly Mind and the ancient truth? Where is the wisdom in hiding behind our fingers when everyone could see and could easily sense that we are different. What are we achieving in being so pointlessly homogeneous in the eyes of a world that doesn't even care anymore? What are we achieving except lying to our own selves? What are we doing beyond forcing ourselves to spiritual bankruptcy and seriously depriving our youth, generation after generation, from their right to know why they were born Druze and what does it mean to be a Druze beyond a set of inherited customs, traditions and food recipes that could be considered more Turkish than Druze.

Our Forsaken Identity

While the historical identity of the Druze as a community brought together by language, land or tradition, may date back  one thousand yrs. to Fatimid Egypt, the Spiritual Identity of El-Druze as Preservers of the Ancient Brotherhood & The Oath is as old as the creation of time; and if the Druze Ancient Wisdom has truly survived the test of time and has successfully maintained a brotherhood of authentic descendants for 1000 years in one of the most politically tense areas of the world and throughout the most critical times of Middle East's religious history, it has done so, not in virtue of the Druze's historical background or their moral or traditional values, but through the ability of the Druze Mind to rise above the facade of man-made identities and trace all sort of differences among cultures, religions and races into their ancient origins in the Behavioral Self of Man which Plato referred to as Psyche.

Druzenet (for what it stands for) is not a nostalgic effort to revive the ancient Gnostic spirit or to celebrate the rediscovery of lost scriptures or revelation of magical doctrines. It represents the testimony of real people who have carried the Five-Colored Flag of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom on earth for 1000 years, after they had carried it in their souls for millions of years prior to that, and have sacrificed their blood, children and all their possessions in all their lives to preserve The Brotherhood of the Oath ever since the Atlantean times and even before any recollect-able history, not through secret orders, mysterious rites, or hidden organizations, but through conscious actions in space and time.

Yes, the Spiritual Identity of the Druze has survived the test of time, not because of the mysterious silence that shielded the Druze community throughout history, but because of real choices which the Druze took on the level of Adamic thought and action - it has survived through their continuous investment in the Sacred Doctrines of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom, life after the other; and, thanks to a Divine Doctrine of Brotherhood and a Divine Law of Transmigration (Reincarnation), the Unity of their Spiritual Identity is unchallengeable. No religion or race, no history or geography, no nation or civilization, no government or law could ever stand in the way of the hidden path of the Soul as it shapes its destiny across space & time and throughout its countless reincarnations

It may shake you to imagine that every human soul is as ancient as existence and has experienced on earth incalculable lives and have clothed itself with thousands of man-made identities - millions of years worth of EVE-ENDS, all in the hope that one day the soul may recollect its sacred ADAMIC-BEGINNING. It may shake you to imagine that you may be a Christian fighting a war against Moslems in one life only to be born to a Moslem family in another - or a soldier killing your enemy (in the name of defending a nationality), while your pregnant wife back home is delivering birth to the very enemy that you have just killed - all in the service of a much higher identity and a much deeper Wisdom than what man-made identities are designed to serve.

What such truth may imply on the level of Power & Politics on earth? Imagining the answer to this question will help you comprehend why traces of most doctrines of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom were repelled and removed from all the sacred texts, not only by the political powers but also by the religious ones. It will help you understand why history wrote such rejection with blood & ash ink. It may also help you to understand why so much controversy has surrounded the religion of the Druze of the Levant.

Druzenet reveals, through a humble effort, the origin of the struggle that has ruled religions and philosophies, nations and civilizations, thought patterns and spiritual directions, oppositeness and contrariety, since the beginning of time, bringing it back to its Authentic LIMITS (within the boundaries of the Adamic Soul): its ancient home in where the Logic that separates between the Realm of Space & Time and the Realm of Eternity converge to tell the story of the Star, the Cross, the Sun and the Moon.

A Final Word of Thanks

Special thanks to His Imminence Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith for dedicating all his Mental and Material assets for spreading the Message of Truth and Enlightenment - an expedition that started early in his life (prior to being Sheikh El-Akel), and throughout the years, it grew to surpass all expectations; in the hope that one day this message will support itself by itself and reflect its blessings upon our brothers and sisters in Spirit & Body in Theory & Practice, everywhere and whichever country they belong to or language they speak.

Deep gratitude to His Imminence for enduring the weight of such burden and sponsoring such an effort which enthroned his long undertaking to spread Authentic Consciousness , despite all the obstacles and difficulties that stood in his way; and blessed is the experience that guided such journey, because it revealed the character of a True Brother in this day and age, and rose in the language of expressing the Essence of Spirituality and its close link to what is happening on the Ground of Reality above religious, spiritual or Sufi appearances and beyond the Deceptive Modesty which conceals a spirit of egoism hidden behind a Turkish Costume - rose into the simplicity and humbleness expressive of the Adamic Truth: the pivot at which the Greatness of the Heavens converge with the Earthliness of this World.