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The Forbidden Fifth Science


My name is Chadi Ghaith. I am 36 yr. old Lebanese Druze. I am a Graphic Designer and a 3D Artist with a BA degree in Communication Arts and Cinema from SMU (Southern Methodist University) - Dallas/Texas. 

During my long academic years in the U.S.A. from where I earned my high school diploma as well, I've had the chance to work with recognizable figures in the entertainment and film industry on course-projects that involved motion picture arts and sciences. I also worked as a 2D illustrator for newspapers and magazines. In 1992 I won a Journalism Excellence Award (Newspaper Illustration Division - 1st Illustrator) from TIPA (Texas Intercollegiate Press Association) - University of Texas (Arlington Branch).

Upon my return to my country of origin (Lebanon), my deep childhood admiration for the ancient Greek mind lead me to pursue my higher education in philosophy at AUB (American University of Beirut). For three years I studied philosophy at AUB, and along the way, I came to realize that philosophy has long departed from its sacred Greek origins and it has somehow rebelliously evolved (through a sequential thread of whining and groaning) into something more reflective of poetry than it is of philosophy. I was deeply disappointed by this fact and was two to three courses short of my masters degree when I decided to forsake my long academic journey and privately undertake that which made me seek philosophy in the first place - The Beauty of the Ancient Greek Mind.

In the early nineties, I founded one of the first Spiritual Druze websites, known as Druzenet, dedicated to revealing the Druze Spiritual Identity and a pioneer in this domain. My initial inspiration was a deep sense of duty towards my Druze brothers and sisters in Lebanon and world-wide. My secondary aim was to provide authentic information on the Druze religion in the wake of the amount of distorted material written on the Druze online and in print-form. I  also became in charge of the well-known  non-profit Druze magazine (published by Mashiakhat El-aql) El-Doha for a number of years. After several years of publishing spiritual and philosophical articles in El-Doha, The Children of Light saw the light, which is a book comprised of more than a decade worth of articles put together in a way designed to take the reader on a journey through time, tracing the timeless spiritual heritage of the Druze identity in all civilizations and religions. On the wake of the new millennium, I founded a spiritual publication by the title Adam which was only published for 9 months (9 issues that were later assembled into a book).

Why the passion for the Ancient Greek Mind?

As any Druze growing up in a religious environment, I was raised to believe in the divinity of Ancient Gnostic Sages like Hermes, Enoch and Seth & Greek Philosophers especially those who are members of the Eight Sacred Druze Order in Ancient Greek times, whose persons are verified in the following excerpt from the Ancient Druze Wisdom:

"Blessed with the grace of Eternity is he who believed and thus was secured and so he entered the City of Beauty and sat on the Divans of Pytha the Numerical, Socra the Village of the Aeons, Plo the light, Pla the shadow, Aris the cause, Parmen the Eternal, Democ The Secured, Empedoc The Overflow…"

After at least 5 yrs of studying the work of those great minds, I ran one day across an Ancient Druze Manuscript by the title The Unique Fifth Science and the rest to me is history.

Ever since my very early childhood, I was raised to believe that I have a unique eye for beauty, and most of my free time I spent sketching imagery on paper with a blue big pen only to end up tearing up or throwing away whatever I sketch, never framing or collecting my art work - always surprised to see it on some wall or inside a drawer that is not mine. I never understood this urge within me to let go of whatever I do. However, this let-go spirit has somehow enabled me to venture deeper and deeper into the secrets of beauty itself without getting lost in technicalities and formalities, and most importantly, it has taught me to recognize hidden Beauty when I see it and learn how to appreciate it and try to put it into words, without letting my limited writing skills discourage me or get in the way; and last but not least,  it has taught me to simply be generous in spirit, and pass what I know unto others (today before tomorrow) without expecting much in return. For, I believe that beauty, no matter how long is kept exclusive, cannot but revolt in the end, one way or the other; and it is an honor for me to serve such revolution whilst it still needs my services.

For more than a decade now, I've been studying this manuscript (on and off), and what I discovered so far is beyond amazing. It was not until mid 2008 that my thoughts on The Fifth Science finally began to develop on paper and in English. I chose English, because English is a universal language, and the nature of The Fifth Science is undoubtedly Universal. I was somewhat reluctant of publishing my work online, because my experience across the years have taught me that what comes easy goes easy, and sometimes people need to pay for something or at least search hard enough for it in order to appreciate its worth. However, considering the spiritual deprivation that our Druze community suffers from and the lack of material dedicated especially to non-Arabic-speaking readers among them, and in the wake of the convenience and promptness that the domain of internet communication provide, I finally decided to go online with this material, dedicating it primarily to my brothers and sisters around the globe, wherever they are, whatever culture or country they belong to, and regardless of their political or religious preferences, especially those amongst them who do not understand or speak Arabic and are constantly seeking English sources to learn more about their religion ...

I present to you the heart of my 10 yr. expedition free of any charge, in honor of the spirit of The Brotherhood & The Oath that has brought us together for 1000 yrs.  Thus, to all of you who have always believed deep in your heart in the uniqueness of the identity you've been born into and who have never lost faith in that belief or stopped seeking a better understanding of it, I dedicate my work to you , what I ask in return from you is to bare with me reading this work and excuse its complexity at times and my language at other times if it falls short of expressing the greatness of The Fifth Science. I ask of you to be patient reading The Material,  gradually allowing  the life-transforming logic of This Sacred Science to work its magic through you as it did through me. 

I also dedicate the material to my beloved father (Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith) who passed on to me since my early childhood his deep passion for The Ancient Wisdom and his courageous spirit of freedom that allowed me to venture in life and shape my own destiny under no traditional or religious pressure of any sort. I will never forget his intriguing childhood tales of Atlantis and ancient Egypt that kindled inside me the yearning to know more and seek knowledge of our forsaken identity at any price. I also dedicate this material to my divinely endowed wife Taghrid (who belongs not to this world) and who has lit my life in unimaginable ways and in the darkest of moments , and to my two little angels (my two very special daughters Nour and Salam) and most importantly to the spirit of my own private mentor: SOCRATES (Socra The Village of the Eons) whose timeless dialogues has inspired me at all times and whose character and unique impact on history I cherish and honor most.

Finally, I dedicate my work to the rest of the world equally and impartially; for, this material, in its very nature, as you will discover, is universal:

From the Universal Consciousness it came and to the Universal Consciousness it shall return.


The material I am about to introduce revolves around The Unique Fifth Science, which is an ancient Druze manuscript that consists of densely compact paragraphs of high philosophical and cognitive value.

My primary endeavor is to introduce this exclusive science in a comprehensible form that reflects its pervasive nature.

My work does not rely on the enigma that surrounds the Druze as a Mystery Religion or the notion of an Ancient Hidden Secret Revealed, but on the exquisiteness of an exceptional logic that the mind deeply recognizes as its own. This makes The Fifth Science a timeless MIND creed more than anything else.

However, along the journey of decoding the language of this intricately written manuscript, certain Druze Doctrines that the science deems as granted and which may be considered mysterious to the public understanding, are ultimately demystified; most of which could be traced back to Ancient Gnostic and Greek Philosophical heritage.

Even more, a buried link that conjoins the fundamental theories of at least five major ancient Greek Philosophers (known to the Druze as members of the Eight Sacred Order) is unraveled. Theories that may contrast to an average philosophical discernment, coincide within the Fifth Science like scattered verses that belong to one prophecy, in an immaculacy that transcends conventional understanding. Consequently, this work sheds a mysterious light on a closed chapter in the History of Philosophy which depicts those philosophers as each wandering in his own planet.

However, the mystical aspect of such revelation, bordered upon resolutely and strictly in respect to what serves to elucidate The Fifth Science (and not under any preachy intention), in no way undermines the theoretical integrity of the ground-breaking logic that unifies their theories.

According to The Unique Fifth Science, the MIND perceives existence in an inverted mode reminiscent of the way in which the eye receives an image before sending it to the brain to set it straight.

The Fifth Science reveals the cognitive mechanism of such perceptual error and its metaphysical dimensions tracing its origins to a behavioral tendency relative to the mind's ancient relationship with THE ONE, (both as a Concept and as a Number).

To override the gravitational impact of such tendency (symbolized in most religious texts by the alleged Adamic Fall from Eden), the MIND must deactivate its deceptive logic that has been for centuries nourished by the poisoned apple of the mental & religious ego.

This work is the fruit of more than ten years of seclusion, dedicated to deciphering the riddles of a few number of pages that I found worth trading a whole world of career opportunities for.

I admit that being Druze has helped me grasp the phenomenal dimensions of such science, because it meant believing in the divinity of Ancient Greek Philosophers, which has prompted me to dive into their theories like a devoted Christian diving into the Biblical books or a devoted Moslem diving into the Quranic verses, with great faith that I shall one day arrive at a magical revelation. Ironically, this worked reversely through helping me obtain just enough philosophical insight to push the magic of the Fifth Science revelation towards more theoretically firm grounds.


1, The Doctrine of Reincarnation:

Isn't it simply more logical to conceive of one's existence after death in the very condition one knows best about: right here, right now, in a body on this earth... 

Isn't it simply more reasonable to conceive of The Known rather than forcing one's imagination into An Unknown image of Existence i.e. existing in some inconceivable ghostly form, meandering in some imaginative layer of the sky...

Reincarnation and The Logic behind a Form of Existence Relative to Gnosis or Knowledge:

According to the Ancient Druze Wisdom, reincarnation is more than a belief, it is a logical necessity that is strongly related to the nature of the Original Cause of Creation: GNOSIS or KNOWLEDGE.

Based on The Law of Gnosis, For anything to EXIST, it must be Known to Exist, and the human soul is no exception.

For the soul to be Known to exist, it has to possess what it takes to be known: a knowledgeable form: A BODY.

To be known to exist eternally means that this condition of Being-in-a-Body is the eternal fate of an existing soul...

In Simple:

To Exist = To Be Known to Exist = To Possess a Knowledgeable Form = To Possess a Body
To Exist Eternally = To Never Stop Possessing this Knowledgeable Form = To Never Stop Possessing a Body

This is simply The Law that no human soul on earth could possibly escape.

The eternal condition of the soul in a body is basically the very element that preserves the Soul's Knowledgeable Existence across the eternity of space & time.

Accordingly, the Body, in the Gnostic Logic, is not the Soul's temporal or optional form here on earth (which otherwise might not be the case "up in the heavens"). It is rather the EXPRESSIVE FORM of the soul, without which the soul would seize to express its identity or existence on any level, be it on earth or in the so called "heavens".

Since: The Adamic Image is the Expressive Form of the Soul, without which the Identity & Existence of the Soul could not possibly be known to exist,
Since: The nature of the souls' existence is eternal,
Since: The nature of the body is perishable,
Then: Death & Rebirth has and will always be the Eternal Destiny of every existing soul. Consequently, it has been and will always be the perpetual fate of any particular human on earth, regardless of what religion he/she belongs to or whether he/she believes in reincarnation or not.

This is briefly and simply the Gnostic logic behind the Druze Doctrine of Reincarnation and the reason why most Gnostics across time have embraced this doctrine in a unique way that distinguish them from other believers in reincarnation: from the Hermetics to the Pythagoreans to the Platonics, to the Druids, to the Essenes and the Cathars and last but not least the Druze...

This same logic is precisely why the Druze take on their belief in reincarnation to extremes that distinguish them from many Far Eastern religions and mystic sects that also believe in reincarnation for many other reasons that the Druze do not necessarily share with them.

The Druze believe that a human soul cannot reincarnate into anything that does not express its nature, like an animal or a plant for example, neither could it ever escape being knowledgeable or endure being formless or bodiless (not even for a second). This means that a given person that dies in a given place at a given time is immediately reborn in another place to another human body, to another parents, as a human infant at the same exact time, not one human breath is lost in the process.

Only the Ancient Gnostic Druid Order (that no longer exists today) is believed to have shared such extremes with the Druze. Other Gnostic sects surely believed in reincarnation for the right reasons, however, their system of belief remained highly secretive and was transferred from one generation to the other orally, and its exact details (as a result) did not survive as vividly...

Reincarnation and the Soul's Condition-of-Being:

Even More, the Druze believe that any given Soul, without eternally reincarnating in the Adamic form, not only it cannot preserve its eternal existence and identity, it also cannot Experience or Express any Condition-of-Being to begin with i.e. it cannot express human conditions like happiness, sadness, love and hate etc...

To the Gnostic Mind, the soul of a given person might as well be nothingness after that person's death than being a ghost-like entity roaming somewhere in some unknown dimension, reaping the fruits of its worldly allegiance or disobedience to a religious institution, knocking on the doors of heaven or hell and experiencing inconceivable conditions of punishment or reward that do not bare any relativity to the human condition...

Even if one were to imagine the soul of a given person (after that person's death) roaming in some imaginary dimension of some sort, one cannot but utilize his/her conception of the Adamic Image in general and that person's image in particular in order to carry on such an imagination... In other words, the ghosts are imagined to be creatures that are exactly similar to humans, only invisible, which is a weak logic...

After all, Imagination is made of imagery, and images are made of knowledgeable forms... There is no such thing as an unimaginable form of existence or an inconceivable condition-of-being.

In conclusion, not only the soul of an Adamic cannot express any form of existence or identity outside the Adamic form, but also, it cannot express or experience any condition of punishment or reward outside this form either.

This is essentially the justifying logic behind what is else known in the Far Eastern spirituality as The Law of Karma or The Law of Cause & Effect...

The logic of punishment and reward and its strong relativity to the human condition necessitates the perpetual existence of the soul in a realm identical to this very physical realm, the only realm known to man where the soul could experience conditions as such i.e. pleasure, pain, happiness, sorrow, remorse, guilt... etc...

To say that the Soul could experience such conditions independent of the Adamic Form, in some unknown realm, is another way of saying that Punishment & Reward could be ABSOLUTE beyond baring any relativity to any knowledgeable situation or condition. It is like saying: one could be SAD beyond any particular condition of SADNESS or one could be JOYFUL independently of any justifiable or expressive meaning of JOY...

For, if SADNESS or JOY are conditions that are ever meant to exist, they must accordingly be meant to be known, and this means possessing what it takes to be identifiable: A KNOWLEDGEABLE FORM.  And how could SADNESS possess any form as such without baring any relativity to the Adamic condition or experience on earth or without being expressed through meaningful Adamic images that translate the condition...

In summary:

The Adamic Form, not only stands as a tool of expression for the soul, but also stands as a medium without which the soul cannot possibly experience knowledgeable conditions of existence such as guilt, punishment, reward, pain, joy, justice, sorrow, love, happiness etc. or even breath any life to such concepts to begin with..

Even to conceive of such concepts, the soul must associate the conception with certain images or experiences or conditions-of-being...

The definition of any other possible realm where the soul could do such a thing i.e. experience such conditions would be nothing but a definition or description of an identical realm to this very realm we are living in - THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT...

Reincarnation and The Condition-of-Being in Heaven or Hell:

To the Gnostic discernment, there is no such thing as HEAVEN or HELL anywhere beyond this world in some realm that transcends the mind's ability to conceive...

Accordingly, eternal punishment takes form in the gradual karmic entanglement of the soul in a behavioral chain-of-causality here on earth. This chain forces the soul ,one life after the other, to sink further deep in the misery of departure from its Gnostic Origin...

Such form of departure ultimately severs the Soul from its Adamic Identity that is transmitted to it by Adam and El-Hudoud (The Sacred Limits), automatically casting it outside the Context of Eden or Heaven while still dwelling on earth eating, drinking, sleeping and dreaming and living the miserable mathematics of such departure, yet deceptively chasing after some unknown definition to its growing misery.

In the Ancient cycles, the Adamics who departed from the Law of Gnosis were referred to as The Nation of El-JINN.

Jinn is a term deduced from the Arabic term Jnoun which means insanity.

El-Jinn are wrongfully believed to be a group of Ghostly Creatures, Arch-angels or Evil spirits.

In truth, the word speaks for itself. Insanity is simply the state of Diverting from the Mind.

The gravitational power of such diversion forces the diverted soul to loose its original position as a PASSIVE RECEIVER of the Mind's Power of Vision and rather seduces it to play the erroneous Anti-Christ role of the BEHAVIORAL ACTOR instead.

This process gradually takes hold of the soul's thoughts and tendencies and develops into dangerous habits and patterns of behavior that ultimately control the soul's destiny across its incarnations.

And an arrow that misses target 1mm upon its embark misses miles upon its landing

Ultimately, the Soul's behavioral reality, like in the state of an Eclipse, gradually stands in between the SOUL & the MIND, depriving the soul from benefiting from the Mind's power, causing it to grow eternally deaf to the voice of Meaning within - too distracted by behavioral noise to receive its Conscious Identity in space and time from the source of consciousness The Wholly Mind. Accordingly, man is transformed into a disturbed and demented behavioral creature, closer to living the life of a beast than of an Adamic.

Hermes Trismegistos (blessed be his name), who is symbolized in the Druze flag by the color red, referred to this transformation as a process of dehumanization that occurs throughout reincarnation.

In the Hermetic tablets, Hermes speaks about humans reincarnating in the beastly form. Some mistake this Hermetic axiom to imply that its possible for some humans to reincarnate as animals in their second lives. In truth, Hermes used the term beastly metaphorically to portray an even worse state than being reborn as a beast which is the state of being reborn as human living the life of a beast, after once experiencing a much more honorable level of being, yet not knowing it enough to preserve its worth...

"He who has, is granted more, and He who has not, is taken away from him what he has..."
(The Ancient Wisdom)

Thus, according to the Ancient Druze Wisdom, a punished soul's experience in hell is basically going on now as we speak here on earth. Earth is Heaven & Hell Translated into Knowledgeablity in compliance with the Law of Knowledge, and what has already been decided in Eternity concerning the final destiny of the souls is taking form here on earth now as we speak, superimposing its mathematics upon every detail of our lives.

The Ending has preceded the Beginning..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

meaning that: The Eternal Judgment, which is the apocalyptic ending long awaited to happen, has already happened; and the epic battlefield between good and evil is earth and not the skies, and the outcome of the wars between angels and demons is already happening through the mathematics of our life experiences here on earth; (with everything reincarnation and karma are meant to imply).

The souls' earthly experiences translate in Actuality the eternal fate of the souls which has been determined in Potentiality - all in conformity with the Law of Knowledge which is the original cause of all causes and which necessitate that any meaning be translated in the knowledgeable form.

To comprehend this point better, consider a prisoner:

The prisoner is locked away in his prison cell, and he is singingA free man walks past the prison all innocence.  He hears the song and thinks, “That man must be giving voice to some joy within himself.” 

But it is not so. 

In truth the prisoner sings only out of necessitythe misery of imprisonment forces him at times to divert his attention

And so it is with us:

The Law of Knowledge demands that eternity be translated into our temporal worldOur being-in-Time is in servitude to that LawThere is no escape from being inside the Translation, just as there is no escape for the prisoner: we are trapped inside the space-time continuum, for that is the meaning of “translating eternity into time.” 

Just as the prisoner's misery forces him to temporarily sing, so too does our life within temporal translation force compels even the eternally joyful to weep!   

But these outbursts are illusory:  fleeting racks of emotion which merely vent away our poor servant's disobedience to the Law of Knowledge.  They do not alter our Truth-in-Finality.

In reality the prisoner singing is part of the logical necessity of Being-in-Time and in servitude of the Law of Knowledge which necessitate that eternity be translated.

Whether the prisoner likes it or not, there is no escape from being trapped inside a continuum (known as space & time) that translates what eternity means.

Being trapped inside this continuum forces the servant-of-translation at times to be disobedient or unfaithful to the translation just like the Singing Prisoner is a translation of a condition-of-being that is unfaithful to the real condition of the prisoner.

Being inside the translation may also force the Eternally Joyful to cry temporarily at times, giving the illusion of being sad.

However, the fact of the matter remains that The Prisoner Singing is not very telling of the prisoner's Truth-in-Finality any more than the case of The Joyful Weeping.

A diversion in the Translation cannot change anything about the reality of the object-being-translated; it may distracts attention from that reality temporarily, however only to arouse more misery and confusion...

A prisoner singing cannot change anything about the reality of the prisoner any more than a WORLD RULED BY FAMOUS EVIL MEN could ever change the fact that those men have no insight over the kind of HAPPINESS that some less known good men on earth might feel...

The eternal misery of hell on earth is similar to the prisoner's Internal sorrow paralleled by an External behavioral mask of joy manifesting in his singing state.

The more The External Expressions divert from The Internal Reality of the Soul, the more the meaning of sorrow intensifies, meaning that the image of The Prisoner Singing or Laughing projects more of a state of internal misery than that of A Prisoner Weeping;

In other words, the prisoner's sorrow is prolonged the more the prisoner is exposed to the Mathematics of  Translation and its infinite possibilities once it diverts from its core & purpose that justifies its existence as a Translation.

Such prolonged exposure ultimately force the prisoner further and further to work against the Original Cause of Being and its Law by growing more and more unreflective to his Internal Reality and deceptive to the temporary observer - BEING SIMPLY A BAD TRANSLATION.

And even if Eternal Punishment is considered to be Absolute due to the fact that its Eternal, the prisoner's awareness of the implications of being a prisoner punished in a Space/time-measured-eternity on his physical destiny increases the severity of the meaning of imprisonment across time.

This is the essence of what is referred to as Eternal Hell HERE ON EARTH...

As for the notion of being burnt in some unknown hell up in the skies, the Druze consider such scenario of punishment as absurd, even bordering on "wishful thinking" or "too good to be true"...

Finally, it is worth mentioning that reincarnation is a pivotal doctrine in most religious texts and philosophies, yet, it is one of the most denied, rejected and deleted doctrine by most religious institutions across time; and evidence of such rejection and denial is violently documented throughout history in BLOOD AND ASH INK. Traces of the doctrine of reincarnation have been removed from most sacred monothesitic texts with the exception of recently discovered Gnostic Scriptures and Ancient Scrolls. What remains remains by accident and due to its abstractness that somehow manage to succeed in skipping the attention of the scribes and Pharisees of all ages...

Why is the Doctrine of Reincarnation so feared and rejected by the religious institutions of all times?


2, The Doctrine of the Ancientness of the World:

The second major Druze doctrine is the Doctrine of the Ancientness of the World.

What is meant by Ancientness of the World is basically ancientness of Adamic Presence and Experience on earth - an existence that dates back (according to the Druze doctrines) to Millions of years ago, contrary to the 7000yr. time-margin, wrongfully concluded from the Genesis account.

The Druze consider the Genesis Story of Adam & Eve to be purely symbolic of the Spiritual Creation of the Wholly Mind and the Wholly Soul. This point will be explored later on as we progress.

When we say millions of years worth of Human-Adamic Existence on earth, we do not mean an Ape-Like evolutionary existence, but rather a civilized existence the memory of which has only survived through legends like that of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Even more, humanity is said to have possessed in those Edenic Times powers beyond man's current imagination - powers like Telepathy, Levitation and the ability to move objects and control animals and weather through thought. 

The Druze believe that Human-Adamics were created all at once, and each en-souled human has existed on earth since time eternal. Accordingly, the number of humans on earth has always been constant; and consequently, population never increases or decrease, but rather its often miscounted or not fully accounted for.

The Druze believe that the same souls reincarnate over and over again (only in human form) and have been doing so across millions of years.  A given soul may have been at times an Atlantean and at other times a Lemurian and later an ancient Egyptian or an ancient Greek citizen or a Jewish, a Christian, a Moslem, a Budhist, a Hinduist, a Druid, a Cathar, a Celtic, a Woman, a Man, a black, a white, a rich, a poor, a strong, a weak etc....

In short, Souls respect no man-made boundaries or identities. Souls swap  races, genders, religions, cultures, nationalities, continents etc.. across their eternal journey of deaths and rebirths. Some may have put Jesus to the Cross 2000yrs ago and now they may be Rigid Fathers in the Church of Christ. Others may have been the most religious Jews back in the Judaic times and now they may be part of a plan to annihilate Israel.

This is the greatest curse of history.  Man is hit by forgetfulness and is quick to adopt a new identity each new life and is ready to fight wars that are not essentially relative to his inner most authentic identity as a An Ensouled MIND - the identity passed to him by his most ancient spiritual parents Adam & Eva. As a result, man ultimately perishes one time after another in crazy INSANE wars of all types of identities...

The Druze believe that the Adamic Cycles have witnessed countless civilizations and cataclysmic endings, and they believe in the pure authenticity of the Atlantean and Lemurian accounts, to name a few among  many many more accounts of lost civilizations that are beyond history's records. For, history ages like humans do and is hit by forgetfulness. Consequently, all what remains of those Edenic times that humanity experienced in the Childhood of Earth's Experience is somehow only documented in the secret archives of The Collective MIND.

Flashes of memories may float at times in strange ways as do childhood memories float later in one's life, and one must never underestimate childhood, because it truly shapes one's most deep psychological tendencies, fears and phobias throughout his/her entire life. Similarly, the ancient experience penetrate the borders of human memory at times and dictate the path of individuals and even civilizations for ages to come.

and as the great King Solomon (blessed be his name) said:

"Nothing is new under the Sun...."

The Druze believe that Adamics in the ancient times possessed supernatural mind powers and witnessed events that may sound like Homeric legends or pure magic to the modern discernment.

I personally believe that such ancient Adamic experiences secretly drive the current course of civilization advancement and human attraction to Communication technologies, Science Fiction, Black Magic and many other genres that are nostalgically brought back to life by motion picture arts and technologies.

It is also hinted at in our sacred texts  that Adamics possessed highly advanced powers of communication similar to what is referred to today as "telepathy". The concept of Telepathy is somewhat artificially simulated through current mass human engagement in the INTERNET which strives more and more to diminish the obstacles of space and time boundaries.

The power of moving objects through thought and controlling weather and animal behavior through human mind powers was so common in the ancient times as well. This notion also floats back in contemporary movie themes and in the current revival of ancient Gnostic spirituality that borders on forsaken sciences like alchemy and black magic. 

Certain monuments like the Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico still stand witness to the scale of human power in the ancient times. However, humanity lost such powers due to their selfish abuse of it which ultimately broke the sacred balance between Spirit and Matter.

Consequently, at the end of each cycle, earth responded to the dramatic buildup of the gap between the two balancing powers through apocalyptic earthly events similar to the sinking of Atlantis and the destruction of Lemuria - a scale of events that are nothing short from defining what is referred to as JUDGMENT DAY - what such day could look like. Earth itself dyes and reincarnates through such cataclysmic events, and civilizations are buried and others are born from point blank...

As for the Genesis account of Adam & Eve which traces human existence on earth to 7000 yrs. only, the Druze consider it to be purely symbolic of the spiritual creation of the Wholly Mind and the Wholly Soul, whom Adam & Eve stand for.

The Druze however admit to an actual event that took place around 7000 yrs ago among three sacred men: Adam, Enoch (Eve) and Seth (who are the persons of The Wholly Mind, The Wholly Soul and The Wholly Word) - a story which will be explored in depth later.

However, millions of years before then, both the persons of Adam & Eve came in different names and spoke different languages, and what is left of their countless stories across time survives in legends beyond our current ability to believe.

In each day and age, the sacred limits reincarnated like any en-soul-ed human; they reincarnated as unique persons who carried on The Sacred Adamic Message in different situations, languages and forms of expression.

Religion, to the Gnostic understanding, is merely a form of Messianic Language specific only to this final Adamic cycle that dates back to around 7000 yrs old.

Back in the Atlantean times, there were no religions as we know them to be today, yet the Sacred Message was alive and present, and just as Messiahs came thousands of years ago as philosophers, they did walk the face of the earth millions of years before under different names and characters speaking verses of magic that would sound like Science Fiction to modern day understanding...

The ancient Greek times represent a very special chapter in history, because it stands as a point of transition between the pre-historic magical times of Atlantis and the restricted religious times that were to follow and that would characterize the history of the Monotheistic Journey as we know it.

It signified a sober moment in time ruled by pure logic away from Magic or Dogma - a  moment of behavioral silence that exhibited a unique balance between Spirit & Matter.

Back in the ancient Greek times, the sacred monotheistic journey did not yet take on a religious turn (in the negative sense of the term). The Greek Mind searched for the secrets of existence after the bitter lessons of magic that ended the Atlantean Experience and prior to the dark journey of religious wars and persecutions that was inaugurated by the legendary FALL OF THE ATHENIAN SPIRIT OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE THE MOMENT SOCRATES (THE SYMBOL OF THE ATHENEAN SPIRIT) WAS PUT TO DEATH for the ridiculous accusation of "corrupting the minds of the youth...".

Greek logic may have later influenced monotheistic thought; however, it has everything positive to claim in this respect. Otherwise, the religious institutions that followed would not have burnt traces of the Greek influence from the texts in their attempt to invest in dogma as a fertile ground for gaining mass politics and wealth.

Burning and banning became a religious trademark ever since. For instance, in the Ancient Christian Times, the Druze Order of the Sacred Five incarnated in the persons of: Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Mathew, Marcus & Locus. The Druze are advised to read the books of those five sacred men. On the other hand, they are prevented from reading the works of Saint Paul and Peter. The original message of the Five Christian Figures mentioned above had little to do with anything similar to what Christianity at Large turned out to be several centuries A.D. Traces of early Christianity that is faithful to the Spirit of Jesus Christ and his Enclosed Circle is historically documented to have been removed from the bible by the notorious Council of Nicea at Constantinople under the sponsorship of Constantine, and the Christians who protested this council were burnt to death or chased after for years to come, often referred to as Heretics and Witches, and who is to forget what Pope Innocent III did with the Cathars in France centuries later!!!

After all, why should any religious or political institution approve of the Gnostic Doctrines - doctrines that are hard to invest in politically - dangerous doctrines like Reincarnation that eternally frees its followers from purchasing expensive holy tickets to Heaven. Even still, till this very moment, many people of many nations and cultures, under the spell of their religious leadership, are willing to purchase highly expensive tickets to heaven, even if the price meant their own blood...

In the Ancient Greek times the Order of the Sacred Five incarnated in the persons of: Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Parmenides & Plotinus. The 3 subsidiaries incarnated as Socrates, Democritus and Empedocles...

According to the Druze, the same man who came in ancient Greek times as Pythagoras and taught his students the mysteries of the number ONE, came centuries later as Jesus Christ to reveal to them the Divine Identity of the LORD ONE, and before then as King Solomon and later as Jethro and the Angel Gabriel who  (according to the Druze Doctrines) was not a ghost but an actual man otherwise known as Salman El-Farisi...

3, The Druze Sacred Limits:

The Druze divide their prophets into a hierarchy of 5 main Prophets and another hierarchy of 3 subsidiary Prophets. They refer to those prophets as El-Hodoud which is an Arabic term that means LIMITS.

The Order of the Main Five Limits:


The initial 3 of the main five Druze Limits constitute The Kingdom of Heaven. They represent The Sacred Order of The Spiritual Trinity and are symbolized by the uppermost 3 colors of the Druze flag: Green, Red & Yellow.

The Wholly Mind - The Wholly Soul - The Wholly Word (also known as Adam, Enoch and Seth):

The Wholly Mind = The PEN  = Incarnated across history as Adam / Pythagoras / King Solomon / Jethro / Confucius / Jesus Christ / Salman El-Farisi / Hamza Ibn Ali to name a few etc...

The Wholly Soul  = The TABLET = Symbolized by EVE & Incarnated as Emhoteb / Enoch / Hermes / Azriel / Plato / John the Baptist / Abou Ibrahim to name a few...

The Wholly Word = The WRITTEN WORD = Incarnated as Seth / Aristotle / Mathew to name a few...


The remaining 2 among the five constitute the Kingdom of Earth. They represent the DIVINE Order of Duality and are symbolized by the lower 2 colors of the Druze flag: Blue & White

The Antecedent

The Successor

They are referred to as the Antecedent & The Successor. They signify two Adamic Powers known as Potentiality or Will & Actuality or Action. It is mentioned in The Druze Wisdom that the majority of humanity has only reached knowledge of the  the sacred earthly two and never of the sacred heavenly trinity; and it is also mentioned that humanity across the ages has mistaken the Antecedent for being the Wholly Mind (The Christ of the Ages). Their two colors Blue & White signify the Manifestation of the Power of the Heavenly kingdom on earth, and I personally believe that it is not by accident that those two colors are colors adopted by many flags around the world - like the Greek flag for example.

The Antecedent  

The POWER of the kingdom in Potentiality = The WILL = Incarnated as Parmenides / Marcus to name a few...

The Successor

The POWER of the Kingdom in Actuality = The ACTION = Incarnated as Alexander the Great / Plotinus / Locus to name a few

The Order of the Subsidiary Three Limits:

3, THE THIRD REPRESENT THE POWER OF IMAGINATION (El-Khayal): the first step on the path of knowledge is to ask through imagination -

2, THE SECOND REPRESENT THE POWER OF THE OPENING (El-Fath): the door of knowledge opens

1, THE FIRST REPRESENT THE POWER OF THE ENTERING (El-Jad): the force of knowledge pushes the seeker into an entrance

4, The Gnostic Significance of The Sacred Limits:

The Druze refer to the Eight Sacred Order as EL-Hdoud. El-Hdoud is the Arabic term for LIMITS or Boundaries, and they are referred to as such in reference to what KNOWLEDGE or GNOSIS signifies in terms of drawing Limits to The LIMITLESS nature of ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE; and thus, each Limit signifies a Realm of Knowledge ruled by its own mathematics and language.

According to the Ancient Druze Wisdom, the Original Cause of Creation is GNOSIS (knowledge). This Cause justifies the nature of the 1st Creature ever created, THE WHOLLY MIND.

Before going on exploring the logic of the Spiritual Creation, it is worth mentioning that the Druze could be considered as Surviving Gnostics who have successfully managed to preserve the wisdom of the Original Cause (GNOSIS) across space & time, and I have enough insight to consider ancient communities like the Essenes of The Dead Sea, The Druids of Ancient Ireland and The Cathars of Ancient France, The Nondualists of Ancient India (to name a few) as authentic Gnostics as well who were persecuted at their times (as were the Pythagoreans before them) for believing in similar doctrines that "we" the Druze  believe in today - doctrines which have somehow always paused as a threat to the political leadership of every day and age.

The enlightened among the Druze consider their gathering under the Druze name and flag since 1000yrs ago as merely one chapter of their very ancient history as Carriers of the Gnostic Flame ever since Atlantis and even before.

Accordingly, ancient Gnostic Sages like Hermes Trismegistos and Seth are sacred to the Druze. They are members of their Sacred Order of Eight who reincarnate in every day and age under different names and whose doctrines are essential part of the Ancient Druze Wisdom.

" I Know you, yet you Know not me, and you know not yourselves..." (The Words of The Wholly Mind)

This excerpt from the Ancient Druze Wisdom refer to the extent humans are forgetful of their countless reincarnations across time - millions of names and identities that only survive in the Book of Life - Inside the records of the Wholly Mind.

5, The Gnostic Nature of the Cause of Creation

The words of THE CREATOR in Eternity prior to the Creation of Space & Time:

  "I was a hidden treasure, I wished to be known,
 and  thus, I created Adamics and through me they came to know me..."
(The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

Our Holy PYTHAGORAS (blessed be his name) compared the universe to ONE GIANT UNIVERSAL PERSON. This Universal Person (that religions later associated with the concept of THE GOD), prior to creation, is compared in the Ancient Druze Wisdom to:

"A very beautiful girl locked in her room with a mirror, where there is no existence of AN OTHER to know of her rare beauty but herself..."

However, there comes a time when BEAUTY REVOLTS,

And THE CREATOR, in HIS primeval inconceivable EXISTENCE, is said to have revolted over the immaculacy of his Ascended Ineffable Beauty and WISHED TO DESCEND TO THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE AND BE KNOWN...

and thus, HE is said to have Created a form of Existence that is relative to the nature of HIS WISH:


Gnosis or Knowledge, in its very essential nature, is ruled by the duality of:

                The Knower              and              The Object of knowledge

In other words, in order for the ABSOLUTE & LIMITLESS to be known, part of it had to depart the Absolute Unity and descend down towards the Duality that characterizes the nature of knowledge...

From HIS own SELF the Creator creates on one hand a A RELATIVELY LIMITED OTHER to know HIM, and on the other hand appears to this OTHER in a RELATIVELY LIMITED KNOWLEDGEABLE FORM...


Accordingly, from the Creator's Limitless Self, springs forth on one hand A Knower Self, and on the other hand A Knowledgeable Self.

This is the Original Logic behind the theological conception of The Sacred Trinity:

The 1st Sacred Order of Trinity to have resulted from this Original Act of Creation:

1, The Creator's Ineffable Self (Beyond Knowledge),
2, The Creator's Knower Self, 
3, The Creator's Knowledgeable Self.

From the Creator's Absolute Lahouti SELF sprang forth on one hand, an EYE (The Wholly MIND) as the 1st and Ultimate Knower-Self of the Creator, and on the other hand The Nasouti Image (A God Image) as the 1st and Ultimate Object of Knowledge - The Ultimate Knowledgeable Self of the Creator - The Image that the Creator chose to appear in to this Eye - HIS SELF-IMAGE.

In Creating the Possibility of Knowledge of HIS ineffable SELF, the CREATOR creates LIMITS to His Limitless Identity.

However, those Limits are not to be mistaken for being Limits to THE CREATOR'S LAHOUTI SELF (His Absolute Ineffable Self). The Lahouti Self of the Creator remains Transcendent (beyond Imagination or Conception).

One religious school of thought (usually referred to as The People who are faithful to the Text) stop at this image of the Creator (as being transcendent beyond mental conception), and consider any attempt to conceive of the Creator otherwise as purely sinful. Accordingly, the role of the Messenger of God  (The Messiah) from the perspective of this school of thought is automatically severed from any direct relationship to The Creator or The Process of Creation, and rather limited to a passive receiver of the Word of God embodied in The Holy Text (that is not open for interpretation even by the Messiah himself). This theological school of thought is referred to  as "Tanzeel", and it completely rules out the role that the Mind plays in the process of Creation.

On the other hand, there is another theological school of thought that does just the opposite. They consider the Messiah to be The manifestation of the Creator on Earth - so much so that the Messiah himself is almost worshipped as God and in certain cases referred to as such. Accordingly, the Holy Message somehow wholly revolves around the person considered to be the Messiah and is consequently more open to interpretive efforts dictated by the Messiah and/or his entrusted circle. This school of thought is referred to as "Taaweel".

The Gnostics school of Thought finds a middle ground between the two predominant schools of thought in the sense that the Wholly Mind (The Messiah) represents the Image of the Creator, yet he should not be mistaken for the Creator himself. The Wholly Mind shares in the Creation Process in as much as he reflects the Power of the Creator... This idea will become clearer as we go along.

The Creator's LAHOUTI SELF reflects a form of ABSOLUTE ONENESS that is beyond the DUAL nature of Knowledge... The Gnostic Limits are rather meant as THE PATH to Knowledge of The Creator's Nasouti Self, which is The Path of fulfilling The Gnostic Cause of Existence: God's Eternal Wish to be Known.

The Nasouti Self of God is the Creator's Knowledgeable SELF - the Self that first appeared to the Wholly Mind (ADAM) in Adam's Liking and spoke to Adam in the Adamic language he could understand.

Note that this is basically the skeletal logic that supports the religious emphasis on the Adamic Image as the most holy and sacred of images - being the image that The Creator chose to appear in when he chose to be known...

According to the Druze Wisdom, knowledge of the Sacred Limits and what they signify in The Creator's KINGDOM is the only Path to the kind of SANCTIFYING KNOWLEDGE that justifies the Adamic existence altogether...

The first and foremost Limit, The Wholly Mind, otherwise known as The DOOR to the Creator, is the medium without which no human soul could enter the Creator's kingdom; He is also known as The PEN of the Creator and The Shield behind which The CREATOR enters his Creation yet preserves HIS transcendence.

"I am the First and the last, The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End..." (The Words of the Wholly Mind in the Biblical Account)

In the Druze Texts, The Creator directs his words to The Wholly Mind saying:

"He who obeys you  obeys me, and he who disobeys you disobeys me... Through you I reward and through you I punish..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

The Mind is the tool of Eternal Punishment or Eternal Reward inside each one of us. It is a double-edged sward.

Seeking knowledge of the Creator without knocking on The Door (The Wholly Mind) is like seeking knowledge that is beyond the Mind's limits.

Such knowledge or lack of it cannot be differentiated from utter ignorance; it is like seeking sight of an object that has no dimensional extremities or form, it might as well not exist altogether, or like forever chasing after the unknown, trading what you know for what you don't or constantly looking out for a blurred future on the expense of a lucid present...

On the other hand, seeking the Creator through the LIMITS is like seeking the Creator through YOUR OWN ADAMIC POWERS - through your own mind, your own thoughts, your own actions.

Once you understand the logic that rules those Adamic powers (which you refer to as THY SELF) you arrive at a form of knowledge so sanctifying and so relevant to you - so vibrant with meaning that it translates pure VISION of The Creator in every aspect of YOU, YOUR SELF & YOUR LIFE HAPPENINGS.

It translates pure happiness and determination right here right now and not a promise to happiness in some unknown future. This Translation resembles The Creator's Eternally Alive nature which has not happened in the past or waiting to happen in a future; it is always in the Circle of Happening.

It is no coincidence that the term Happ-iness and the term Happ-ening bare resemblance to one another...

"In each hour HE (The Creator) is on to an affair, and no particular affair distract HIM from another..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom).

To know the logic behind WHAT HAPPENS at any given time, despite the 1000s of other LIMITLESS possibilities of WHAT COULD HAVE OTHERWISE HAPPENED !!! One is completely fulfilled, secured and encircled by such knowledge that one possesses no PRESSURE TO KNOW, no artificial awareness to knowledge as an end in itself but only as a silent obedient servant of MEANING & FORM.

Later on, it will become clear how this PRESSURE TO KNOW is an Erroneous Tendency of the Soul that is responsible for what is symbolically described as the Adamic Fall from Eden which resulted from Eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

Consider the simple maxim: KNOW THY LIMITS in any domain of responsibility, be it a job, a duty or merely an activity that one might engage in.  One  is so secured by the implications of such maxim, even more than one is willing to admit to.

No one really enjoys carrying a burden or responsibility beyond his/her ability to bare; yet the majority of humans are tempted to play the role of the Hero THE SAVIOR even on the expense of their own SALVATION.

Knowing Thy Limits has thus become a Forbidden Simplicity. People as a result die thousands of times while they are alive trying to seek limits to their limitless temptation to Play Roles and Hold Responsibilities beyond their selves and nourish their egos by the poisoned flesh of that ancient Apple.

To know thy limits on the other hand, is like knowing while dreaming that you are dreaming (else known as LUCID dreaming); such knowledge makes one in such full charge of the dream events and forever secured by the possibility that one possesses the power to wake up at anytime he/she wishes.

To Know Thy Limits is to be content with who you are and what happens to you at any given time which means to be encircled by meaning at all times in all situations, in your strengths and in your weaknesses, in your moments of honor and in your moments of shame, in your moments of tribulations and in your moments of joy...

to not fear the future, and not fearing the future is a very ancient art that depends less on what you are prepared to know and more on what you are prepared let go of..... This is the basic mathematics of eternal happiness HERE ON EARTH...

NOTE for now that playing the role of THE SAVIOR is the inner most temptation of the ILL SOUL - the ILL EVE (Eve-Ill) - The Psyche.

This blind temptation is biblically associated with THE ANTI CHRIST, and its mathematics constitutes the Nature of The Original Sin, as it will become clear that Jesus Christ The Savior Himself never nourished such temptation.

In conclusion, The Creator created the nature of the Wholly MIND as purely reflective in its nature of HIS SACRED NATURE.

The Creator subjected HIS limitless Inconceivable Existence to the LAW OF THE MIND, through appearing to Adam in an Image of Adam's liking. The perfection embodied through the Wholly Mind's Adamic Image is so reflective of GOD's Nasouti Image that the Wholly Mind, in all His incarnations, never stops reflecting THE CREATIVE POWER OF THE CREATOR not for a second and is often mistaken for God Himself, especially in the Christian Times.

He is the Christ of the Christian Times, the Pythagoras of the ancient Greek times, the King Solomon of the Judaic times, the Angel Gabriel of the Moslem times - to name a few incarnations of His...

Yes, the Wholly Mind, Adam, along with the rest of El-Hudoud, is incarnated in every day and age in flesh and blood and in fulfillment of the Law of Knowledge.

For, The Law mandates that any identity, in order to be knowledgeable, must possess an expressive form to account for its knowledge-ability, and the identity of any Adamic EVEN CHRIST HIMSELF is no exception.

However, if there is a Creature on earth that projects pure LIGHT, PURE MIND, PURE HOLINESS, He must be The Person of the Wholly Mind Himself - He who came in every day and age wearing a different body and under a different name. He is the most ascended being to have ever walked the face of the earth...

The Sacred Limits, in their earthly Adamic presence, reflect the heavenly Kingdom of God on earth. 

By encountering them in person across one's countless incarnations in space & time and recognizing who they are and what they stand for in the KINGDOM OF GNOSIS and the spirit that inspires their Adamic expressions and actions on earth, one recollects knowledge of the Edenic Experience where ADAM & THE CREATOR never stop being together as ONE.

In their humble and knowledgeable form as Adamics, the sacred limits embody the Will of God to subject HIS Immaculate LAW to the humble nature of Adam.

This is the logic behind The Creator creating Adam in His liking... The Adamic Image is thus the most Holy Image ever created, because GOD chose to appear in it, and it reflects THE WAY GOD WISHES TO BE KNOWN.

And as you will discover, The Adamic image is the only Image in the universe capable of reflecting  MENTAL FORMS like Justice, goodness, beauty, perfection etc. - Forms that cannot be encountered anywhere in nature beyond the Adamic Element, yet it is the image most wrongfully targeted and humiliated by the minds of war who never stop creating weapons and diseases in reflection of their Father's ancient arrogant refusal to bow down before Adam and his ignorance of God's choice to subject his greatness to the earthliness and modesty of The Adamic Image.

"They Appeared in Human Images and Set the Net and the Knife to
Assassinate the Spirits of the Chosen..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

Not knowing who the Sacred Limits are and what they stand for in every day and age, according to the Ancient Wisdom, is like roaming around The Creator's kingdom  arbitrarily seeking some God which is not knowledgeable and in a chaotic  manner that do not appeal to the MIND.

When thinking Spirituality, most believe they can somehow bypass the Mind's Logic into a jungle of dogmatic freedom that one can enter without passing through any door or respecting any law or order... It is as if The Creator is the Enemy of Logic or the King of Magic, and as if the belief in God is a journey towards everything which is Mind-Boggling or Inexplicable - a journey that begins with following a behavioral code of conduct (a list of religious dos and don'ts) and ends up somehow in experiencing a supernatural ghostly existence in some unknown cloudy dimension....

The Druze Doctrines, granted the absurdity of such vision, free the Druze Spirit from the pillars and rituals of  religious behavior,  and rather, the doctrines emphasize a judicious look unto the sacred texts of all religions which are inspired essentially by the same GNOSTIC source - the Sacred Limits who are the messiahs of all monotheistic thought.

The Sacred Limits came in Greek times as philosophers, and in Ancient Egyptian Times as Good Furrows, and in Judaic times as Jewish Sages and Messiahs and in Christian times as Christ and His close Circle of Followers and in Moslem times as Earthly Angels that embraced and inspired the Islamic Dawa in its initial stages.

A Druze is encouraged to read all those sacred texts analytically (aided by the guidance of the Ancient Druze Wisdom) in order to awaken his/her inner sensitivity to authenticity.

Some religious texts, according to the Druze Wisdom, have been somewhat tampered with across history. Much has been added and much has been deleted from those texts.

Thus, the Druze Mind is encouraged to seek traces of The Sacred Thread of Wisdom in all the holy texts and scriptures, especially the Ancient Scriptures & Scrolls and most importantly The Ancient Greek Philosophy which advocates a life of contemplation free from the ties of religious behavior (customs and ceremonial rituals) and even free from Fake Sufism that conceals a hidden form of egoism. For, the Greeks were anything but Sufi; they understood very well the importance of a life of balance between body and soul and took very good care of their health and respected their bodies...

They simply cherished the choice of The Creator to place The Spirit (with all its greatness) inside a body, eternally....


The Symbolic Fall From Eden & The Ancient Gnostic Order of TRINITY:


From the Pythagorean Realm of Absolute Consciousness - THE FORM ONE - THE FRAMELESS ONE


The Platonic Realm of Conception - The Platonic Forms (Form One disguised by the Numerical FRAME 1 that constitutes mental activity)


 The Aristotlean Realm of Perception - The Aristotlean Forms (The Numerical 1 disguised by the Physical Frame - The 3-Dimensional Extremities of Objects in Space & Time)  



Consequently =



For Existence to carry any relativity to knowledge, it must be subjected to the DUALITY that rules the essential nature of KNOWLEDGE:

             THE KNOWER                            THE OBJECT OF KNOWLEDGE

Accordingly, such form of EXISTENCE should somehow reside in both, yet still preserve its ABSOLUTE RESIDENCE IN THE CREATOR's LAHOUTI SELF 

This is the simple logic behind THE SACRED ORDER of TRINITY whom Blessed Plotinus mentioned in his Enneads which is constituted of:

The Creator's Knower Self: THE WHOLLY MIND - The 1st Knower
The Creator's Knowledgeable Self: THE NASOUTI IMAGE - The 1st Object of Knowledge

Through the Sacred Order of Trinity, the CREATOR preserves HIS ABSOLUTENESS or IMMACULACY on top of the PYRAMID of TRINITY on one hand,
yet on the other hand, fulfills His Wish to Be Known through entering the RELATIVITY OF DUALITY which characterizes the realm of knowledge and its dimensions.

This Duality is represented by the two lower angles of the Pyramid of Trinity as illustrated in the diagram above.




The Duality of Knowledge is the Most ancient form of duality, from which springs forth all other famous dualities, like Spirit & Matter, Interior & Exterior, Essence & Substance and of course not to mentione the notoriously famous religious duality of Good & Evil etc...

The WHOLLY MIND (also known in the symbolic genesis account as ADAM) could be compared to an EYE that emanates from the THE CREATOR's ORIGINAL SELF that looks back at the CREATOR, and The Nasouti Image is a Knowledgeable Image of the Creator that the Creator chooses to appear in to this EYE.

As The Wholly Mind reflects the Image of the Creator, the Wholly Mind is Activated into being a MIND and KNOWLEDGE THUS ENTERS THE REALM OF EXISTENCE...

God created the Wholly Mind with a nature reflective of THE CREATIVE NATURE OF GODHOOD, and thus the Wholly Mind is endowed with the ability to TRANSLATE THE POWER TRANSMITTED TO HIM FROM THE CREATOR's ORIGINAL SELF INTO A MEANINGFUL CREATIVE IMAGE...



At the PURE level of TRANSLATION (that characterizes the activity which takes form within the 1st Order of Trinity), knowledge is referred to as CONSCIOUSNESS:

Consciousness is symbolized by the CIRCULAR FORM:

Which means:

knowledge at this stage is so SELF-ENCIRCLED that The Knower and The Object of Knowledge are both essentially ONE, in the sense that The Knower never travels outside His Knower Self in order to seek and arrive at the Object of Knowledge.

The Knower eternally rests within the Object and the Object rests within the Knower. At this virgin state of knowledge, the Object of Knowledge is such a pure translation of The Knower that ONENESS  is not an Object-of-Knowledge but rather a State-of-Being, and the Wholly Mind is completely beyond any form of awareness to the instrumental role he plays in the Kingdom of Knowledge.

In other words, Knowledge at this stage does not yet revolve around The Wholly Mind's Self or Role but solely around The Creator's Self, and The Wholly Mind (as The Knower) do not differentiate His Self from the Creator's Self (The Object of knowledge) in any sense... There is no numerical Frame-of-Identity that account for any empty space in between The Knower & The Object of Knowledge; they are both essentially a WHOLENESS that is intolerant to any meaning of separation or departure which (as you will doscover) is not the case in lower levels of knowledge like perception.

At this level, there is no POLAR TENSION between the TWO POLES OF KNOWLEDGE that necessitate the emerging of any form of motion from the concept of I towards the concept of The Other. The Wholly Mind's Identity as a Knower does not come in between Him and the Creator as would the Frame of a painting come in between the painting and the perceiver (by constantly highlighting awareness to the painting as a Directional object of perception rather than a 360 Degree experience.

This level of knowledge is PYTHAGOREAN and is referred to as Consciousness.

ENTER THE PLATONIC LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE (REALM OF FORMS) - The birth of the 2nd Order of Trinity symbolized by th Birth of EVA from ADAM's rib:

The WHOLLY MIND, made of the LIKING OF THE CREATOR, and REFLECTING THE LIMITLESS FREE WILL OF THE CREATOR, is in a sense brought up to be a Creator Himself.

As the WHOLLY MIND REFLECTS THE IMAGE OF THE CREATOR in its most original form, He reflects in turn the CREATOR'S REVOLUTIONARY WISH TO BE KNOWN...As He reflects the image of ONENESS in its most virgin form, he reflects in turn his own translation of that Image.


In what is depicted in the Ancient Druze Wisdom as A MOMENT OF BLINDNESS, the Wholly Mind takes a glimpse at His own self, and for a moment he realizes his own Identity in the Kingdom of Gnosis & The Trinity of Knowledge. 

He realizes the Greatness of the Limitless Power granted to him by the Creator over His Great Kingdom. This glimpse translates into a cognitive transition of mode from Being a Conscious Knower in the Trinity into A Behavioral Knower (Knowing that he is The Knower in the Trinity).

This automatically casts a part of The Knower outside of the Trinity... For, at such moment, The Wholly Mind is no longer fully involved in the Original context of the Trinity, but rather part of Him rests preserving its place in the Original Trinity and another part gets involved in a new trinity of its own...

In this new trinity the Object of Knowledge is no longer The Creator's Image but rather The Wholly Mind's own Image - his powerful role granted to him in the trinity... 

Accordingly, THE ABSOLUTE ONENESS (which rules the nature of consciousness) immediately descends into another form of Oneness that fits in this new dimension of knowledge: A Numerical Oneness.

Behold the resemblance between the term dimension and the term demented which is very telling of the nature of the course that knowledge takes as it descends.

In this new dimension, ONENESS becomes a Framed Object of Knowledge rather than A Frameless Circle of Being, and the Wholly Mind is for a second emitted outside this circle - outside the Trinity of Consciousness glancing at it trying to crystallize it within a numerical mental frame of Oneness referred to as THOUGHT- ETERNAL.

This is the essence of what is symbolically referred to in the Genesis account as:

 "Adam Being cast outside heaven as a result of Taking a Bite from the Poisonous Apple of Knowledge..."

In realizing his own self-image, the Wholly Mind is for a moment distracted from The Creator's Image; and ever since, distraction became an attribute of the nature of this new dimension of Knowledge...

This new dimension of knowledge (that is relative to the Wholly Mind's new state of vision), as already mentioned, brings about the birth of a new order of trinity:

From the Self of the Wholly Mind, emanates an Eye (a Knower Self) directed back at the Wholly Mind, but this time the Object of Knowledge (who is The Wholly Mind and not The Creator) is transformed into a Mental Image - a Mental Form of ONENESS that speaks the language that this new Eye could understand; this mental Form is referred to as THE THOUGHT OF THE ONE, and the Thought of the ONE is the 1st numerical object to ever exist...

Consequently, Knowledge, which in the 1st Order of Trinity took on the form of consciousness, falls automatically into a lower level in the new Order of Trinity taking the form of conception... From here, it is not hard to comprehend why the Activity of Thought is Gnostically associated with the Soul and not the Mind...

The birth of this new Eye that springs forth from ADAM is symbolically depicted in the Genesis account as The Birth of Eve (Eva) from Adam's Rib. This Eye is referred to as The Wholly Soul of ADAM (The Knower Self of Adam)...

At this level of knowledge, ABSOLUTE ONENESS is framed by a Numerical 1 - a Thought...

Numerical Oneness, attempting to frame the Limitless ONENESS within it, falls automatically into error, because the logic that rules such tendency is impossible or rather absurd...

 How could The Limited possibly frame The Limitless?!!

Note that this absurdity is exactly why the path of knowledge is theologically associated with A FALL rather than An Ascension...

The numerical factor behind such absurdity is the pure and simple logic behind why Pythagoras considered the Universe as deceptively made out of Number...

The Realm in which THE ONE is disguised behind The Numerical Many is associated with  The Platonic Realm of Forms or Ideas...

In the Platonic Realm, The Knower utilizes the Deceptive Logic of Numerical Possibility to preserve and separate his own Identity from the identity of the Object of Knowledge. Remember for now, that the image of Separation projected on this level gives rise to the concept of Two-ness or Duality which is the real origin of number....

Such image of separation activates the mental activity of Conception making it possible... i.e. It allows for the possibility to frame conceptions numerically and thus account for Forms Individually i.e. The Form Apple, The Form Tree, The Form White, the Form Happiness etc...

In other words, The Knower on this level is reduced into a numerical entity in the equation (Number 1), and the Object of Knowledge into another numerical entity: An OTHER (Number 2).

This Other takes the form of a Number Two, and The Knower (who is Number One) becomes aware of His Numerical Distinctiveness from the Object of Knowledge via the Numerical Possibility reflected by the activity of Thought or Conception...

So, no longer wherever The Knower looks The Knower sees the Face of the ONE (as is in the Trinity of Consciousness), but rather The Knower now sees the Many Numerical faces of this Grand ONE...

Knowledge at this level is no longer circular but directional, in the sense that the Knower performs some level of polar traveling outside his Numerical Circle of Selfhood and towards the Numerical Selfhood of The Other (The Object of Knowledge).

Consequently, ONENESS is no longer a State-of-Being-in-the-ONE but rather a State-of-Seeing or Conceiving of the ONE, which logically implies: being somewhere outside the One constantly attempting to frame it through Thought.

On even much lower levels of knowledge, it will become further clearer how This Metaphysical Error becomes more and more like a growing snow ball of deception that sustains its identity through playing on the concept of TWO-NESS and SEPARATION, which in turn gives birth to the concept of CONTRAST & OPPOSITION - The Arithmetics of Conflict...


The Mind at this level is distracted by The Frame of One from BEING IN THE ONE. It is distracted by the Frame-of-Sight from BEING-IN-SIGHT itself. It is distracted by ACTING like a mind from BEING a mind...

This form of distraction supports the logic behind what is known as THE EGO. It constitutes the most ancient erroneous temptation that rules all other temptations in the lower system of dualities, the most serious of which is the theological system of Good & Evil. 

This erroneous temptation is so deeply spiritual and metaphysical in nature that the behavioral system of Good and Evil will sound like a joke in comparison to it.

ALSO Remember for now that Good and Evil is so deeply a State-of-Mind prior to being anything resembling a Code-of-Conduct... 

And to seek sight of what is beyond the CIRCLE OF SELFHOOD that characterizes CONSCIOUSNESS, is the most ancient form of Eve-illness that the Mind metaphysically falls into prior to any physical engagement in a behavioral misconduct.



"You shall not enter the Kingdom of thy Father, lest you return like children..." (The Words of Christ)




Note that that EVIL is an EVE-related-ILLNESS... Eve (or the Soul) and not the Mind is Gnostically associated with the Thinking Agency, where error takes its most original form - the form of a number - a thought...

Eve (in Arabic) is referred to as HAWWAA.

Hawwaa comes from the Arabic term IHTAWA which means To Contain.

The MIND, in Eve's Realm (The Trinity of Conception), falls into being a Container of Number - A Container of Numerical Entities called Thoughts after once being The Creator Himself (in The Trinity of Consciousness)...


It is also important to understand that Thought is not characteristic of the Wholly Mind's activity but the Soul.

Accordingly, to the Gnostic discernment, the Soul and not the MIND is the conceptual faculty.

The MIND's original activity is CONSCIOUSNESS, and the Mind is more accurately defined as being THE SPIRIT. The Spirit is a form of ONENESS that is beyond the numerical limitations or particularity. It resides in everything everywhere SIMULTANEOUSLY.

The Nature of Error thus is confined and Contained within Eve's Realm The Wholly Soul. This is why Eve or The Wholly Soul is referred to in the Druze Wisdom as The Martyr of All Martyrs, who had to enact in Space & Time the meaning of sacrifice (in service of Gnosis and translation).

Eve (else known Gnostically as Sophia), in everyday and age, reflects the meaning of repentance by sacrificing her Image for the sake of dissolving back in her higher origin The Mind. He is John the Baptist  whose head was severed in the Christian Times for the sake of Christ, and:

all the words in the world fall short of expressing the significance of John and what His sacred life and path reflected in terms of revealing the Hidden Path of the Soul

This is why the Soul's Repentance is historically associated with BLOOD & SACRIFICE.

For, the PATH of repentance is the path of EVE giving up her own world, her own story, her own self and re-entering ADAM and disappearing inside HIM in order to be part of HIS consciousness again and reclaim her natural place inside the Father's Trinity.

In doing so, EVE would be like giving herself back to Adam which is what Martyrdom metaphysically means in The-Truth-in-Finality.

Eve is also compared in the Druze wisdom to the MOON that ultimately disappears in the presence of the SUN after deceptively playing the SUN's role throughout the darkness.

Darkness in this analogy symbolizes the Wholly Mind's deceptive absence at that Blind Moment which gives Eve (His Soul) a margin to play with making up her own diverted version of creation...

The Wholly Mind (ADAM) hence preserves HIS neutrality to the POLAR nature of Knowledge and is not  lessened along the falling process of creation in the same way as the Sun is not in any way emptied or lessened by the overflow of light that emanates from it.

The Wholly Mind's place in the CIRCLE OF THE 1st ORDER OF TRINITY is preserved for him by the Father. However, THE WISDOM OF THE FATHER mandates that consciousness descend into lower more humble levels in order resemble The Creator's original Choice to descend into the humble level of KNOWLEDGE.

The Kingdom must be LOST & then REGAINED in order to be known to be present in the 1st place - THIS KNOWLEDGE IS THE ESSENCE OF WHAT ETERNAL HAPPINESS MEANS...

"Oh Thy Secured Soul return to thy Father's Kingdom Happy and Content and enter His Heaven Once More..." (From the Holy Book of Qura'an)

The manifestation of the Wholly Mind as an En-Souled Person in Space & Time, walking the face of this earth, and the manifestation of His Soul (EVE) as another en-souled person (a number 2 of Adam occupying its own numerical space on earth) is in complete accordance and submission to the Law of Knowledge which mandates that DUALITY & SEPARATION (HOWEVER DECEPTIVE) IS IN ITS FINALITY SHALL BE IN COMPLETE SERVICE OF THE NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE. For, without the knowledgeable stories between those men and their deeds on earth, how else would we learn about the greatness of such Unity...

In their earthly presence and actions as two separate persons in space & time, the spiritual kingdom becomes earthly in nature, conveniently in service of knowledge even at its most lower levels:

Like light that stretches out to reach even the darkest corners of the earth, The Creator never forsake even his most ignorant among his creatures. He sendeth forth Christ and his Spouse-Eternal Eva as real humans for every EYE to SEE and every EAR to HEAR...

This point will make itself more clear as we introduce the sacred STORY OF ADAM , ENOCH & SETH. You will discover then how ADAMIC ACTIONS ON EARTH, that may have occurred thousands of light years ago, are meant to reflect an ETERNAL SPIRITUAL NATURE  ALIVE INSIDE EACH ONE OF US EVEN NOW AS WE SPEAK...

ENTER THE ARISTOTLEAN REALM - The 3rd Order of Trinity - Enter The 3-Dimensional Forms

Numerical Identities Translated into Extremities of Objects in Space & Time = Platonic Forms exposed to Statistical Particularity - Mental Images exposed to the Molding Wax of Material Substance

As Eve herself in turn glances at her own beauty, she misses sight of the Wholly Mind, Adam. An Eye emanates from her looking back at her, translating her numerical presence from a Thought inside Adam's Mind into an actual numerical person in space and time with its numerical self translated this time to 3-Dimensional form;

And as she looks back searching for the Wholly Mind she sees him this time as a numerical-other-in-person.

Consequently, knowledge falls one step lower from the level of Conception down to the level of Perception.

At this level. ONENESS which is disguised by Number 1 grows yet even more disguised... Number 1 becomes in itself disguised behind a new translation - a spacio-temporal form called the Physical Extremities...

The knower in this 3rd Order of Trinity is known as The Wholly Word, and the Third Object of Knowledge is known as the Perceptual Realm of Space & Time. The Wholly Word, who is referred to in the Druze Wisdom as the WAX OF IMAGERY is the LINK between The Spiritual Kingdom and the Earthly Kingdom.

He represents the Mold through which Platonic Forms are imprinted upon (the wax of space and time) and through which numerical oneness is translated into a physical extremity that possess statistical particularity.

The person of the Wholly word  is known as THE GREAT SETH in the ancient times...

In the 2nd Treatise of The Great Seth, Seth lights upon his own nature and what it represents in the Kingdom of Knowledge by depicting his enemies as:

Disturbed Souls attempting to kill him not knowing that he is the power that provides death its form & meaning...

At this point, I will go through a brief explanation of the The 3rd Order of Trinity and leave other details for later. For, as I advance into introducing Plato's Theory of Forms (from the Gnostic Perspective) and later the mathematics of The Unique Fifth Science, it will become self-explanatory how knowledge falls from The 2nd Order of Trinity down one level unto to The 3rd i.e. how Conception falls into Perception and how Numerical Forms (else known as Ideas or Platonic Forms) are translated into 3-dimensional objects in space & time, in service of yet another fallen (yet sacred) level of knowledge known as The Aritotlean Realm.

Aristotle is known in the Ancient Druze Wisdom as the Person of The Wholly Word (The 3rd Limit). He is represented by the Yellow color in the Five-Colored Druze Flag... Aristotle is historically known as a philosopher who somehow critiqued the Idealism that Plato exhibited in his Theory of Forms, through bringing down Plato's Forms from the heavenly level of Eternity to the earthly level of Space & Time.

In brief, Plato associated the nature of the Form with a mental concept or idea and Aristotle associated the nature of the Form with an actual 3-dimensional object that the eye seems to encounter empirically in space & time, bringing it down from the Absoluteness that Plato endowed it with.

However, Aristotle also emphasized that mental conceptions or Forms become at their best what they are once they are acknowledged by the Perceiver for what they are.

In other words, an Apple is at its best state an Apple when its being acknowledged for being an apple by the perceiver's eye...

Hence, Aristotle did not fully admit to the Empirical Logic in the sense that objects exist out there independently of the Subjectivity of the Perceiver.

This is somewhat of a complex notion that will become clearer as we go along. Please, do not let the weight of the philosophical body of terminology scare you away from capturing the spirit of the material which could not be simplified any further due to its dense nature by default.

For now, it is enough to note that Aristotle's Conception of Form is ignorantly mistaken in history as being some form of a critique or contradiction to Plato's; and unfortunately, much has been built around this notion to the extent that traditional commentaries on those two men depicts them as philosophical rivals, almost as though each coming from a different planet of philosophy or school of thought...

As you will discover, according to the Gnostic records, this is utter ignorance. You will discover that the two men are far more than mere philosophers and certainly they are no ordinary minds... You will discover how the Aristotlean attempt to further translate and Crystallize Plato's Forms, did not enter the records of history save for the purpose of revealing the deceptive nature of Translation itself, and it came in complete harmony with Aristotle's Spiritual position in the 3rd Order of Trinity and in complete accordance with the logical course of development that knowledge takes as it falls from the Trinity of Conception and into the Trinity of Perception.

As already explained, the course of Translation, however fallen or erroneous, is in its final nature tied and limited to WHAT TRANSLATION IS AND WHAT IT IS ORIGINALLY  DESIGNED TO SERVE...

Thus, despite the deceptive facets of translation, it remains in its finality in harmony with The Creator's Original plan.

It is almost as if the Creator intended for The Wholly Mind to fall into the Mathematics of that Blind Moment and emerge back from it; as if he intended to reveal the nature of error, knowing that error serves a Gnostic Cause, and once this cause is revealed error becomes self-destructive and is automatically stripped out of its power and mystery...

For, although translation, as it progresses, becomes more and more prone to the mathematics of error, such progression is the only agency that would ultimately translate the nature of The Act of Translation itself and reveals the absurdity of its deceptive nature.

This form of revelation ultimately strips error from its magic and its spiritual threat and its ghost-like mystery, bringing it back to the confinements of its own limitations. Its brings it to its own death after it had served the law and the Gnostic cause... It brings back the Deceptive Rebellious Logic that sprung forth from THE NATURE OF TRANSLATION into COMPLETE OBEDIENCE and HARMONY with the Creator's Original WISH for the UNKNOWN TO BE KNOWN and THE LIMITLESS TO HAVE LIMITS and the MYSTERIOUS TO BECOME LUCID CLEAR AND PRONOUNCED.

Blessed Christ himself (The Person of the Wholly Mind during the Judaic-Christian times), although reflected the divine greatness of THE CREATOR's IMAGE, and despite the grand position granted to Him by the Creator in HIS KINGDOM, through His earthly Adamic presence and appearance, himself entered the realm of translation in order to reveal God's Gnostic Wisdom and Choice.

Jesus walked on earth bare foot at times and spoke the humble Adamic language that is friendly to human perception.


The following diagram illustrates the Sacred Kingdom of Trinities, and the fall of knowledge FROM CONSCIOUSNESS TO CONCEPTION TO PERCEPTION...

THE STORY of  Adam, Enoch & Seth


THE ANALOGY of The Sun, The Moon & The Light

Can Adamics escape its Context?


There is an ancient story in the Sacred Druze Manuscripts that revolves around the three members that constitute the Kingdom of Heaven among The Sacred Order of Five:

The Wholly Mind, The Wholly Soul & The Wholly Word, whose persons back then were Adam, Enoch & Seth.


In the alleged story, Adam is said to have been granted by God The Power of Leadership and Enoch was Adam's Subordinate and Seth Adam's Messenger.

One time, during Adam's absence, El-Habbal (an ancient theological term for the devil) seduced Enoch to assume Adam's position in His absence, claiming that Adam is gone forever and would wish for this to happen... 

Seth, being Adam's Messenger, is said to have been influenced by the devil to go along with the plan and help sway Enoch to subdue to it. And so they both went along...

Eventually, Adam is said to have emerged back home from his absence, and both, Enoch & Seth woke up to discover themselves in the Wrong Time at the Wrong Place doing the Wrong Act;

and consequently, they fell into the torturous deep pain involved with The Mathematics of the Original Sin...

Accordingly, Enoch was referred to as The Disobedient Adam and Seth as The Forgetful Adam...

The events of this story which took place in the Cradle of Time, are said to have been so Powerful and Meaningful that no Adamic Soul on earth could ever escape the power and span of its meaning, even up till now as we speak... 

In short, this story, the events of which took place in space & time among those three men (who represent a spiritual triangle inside each one of us), decoded a very ancient spiritual tendency deeply engraved within each Adamic soul - a tendency for being disobedient and forgetful - a tendency based on which is determined the eternal destiny of the soul.

Adam's conscious voice within is never really absent. However, one may choose willingly to ignore it, and such choice that initiates on a subtle metaphysical level may develop unto severely behavioral levels to the extent that The Disobedient and Forgetful Adams within us could end up taking full charge of our spiritual destiny, reaching with the soul unto grounds of no return and where any form of repentance would simply imply Spiritual Ironing (a term used to describe the fires of spiritual death).

This process is initiated by the soul cognitively switching its mode from its original position as a Conscious Receiver of the Mind Power and into a Behavioral Actor driven by the most ancient spiritual tendency to assume the role of THE SAVIOR on the expense of living the true mathematics of salvation...

Remember, Christ The Savior Himself (Who is the person of the Wholly Mind known in this story as Adam) is not THE SAVIOR in the sense that HE saves humanity through playing The Savior Role. Christ is the Savior in the sense that HE remains HIMSELF faithful to the Meaning of Salvation, by constantly allowing HIS self to be a pure mirror reflection of the IMAGE OF THE FATHER.

Christ is thus completely immune against the TENDENCY TO BE CHRIST and TO ACT LIKE CHRIST THE SAVIOR...

Inside each Adamic who has ever walked upon the face of this earth encoded is the mathematics that binds the Sacred Adamic Trinity, ADAM, ENOCH & SETH; and their story is decoded in our life events and choices.

No Adamic could possibly escape the fateful power of his/her soul's innermost spiritual stance towards The Wholly Mind: ADAM.

The natural position of the Obedient Soul The Eve or Enoch Within is to be like a Moon in relation to the Sun - a passive receptor & reflector to the Light of the Wholly Mind.

However, the birth of Eve, as revealed in the 2nd Order of Trinity, came hand in hand with the birth of error. Again, this is not to say that Eve's birth is in itself an error or a sin (as it is religiously and historically depicted), but rather that THE CONCEPT OF SIN OR ERROR  in itself is relative to a BEHAVIORAL TENDENCY that is specific to Eve's language and determined by her final stance towards ADAM, and measured by how far The she diverts from him.

In as much as the Soul diverts from the Mind, the soul grows less and less conscious of her actions and more and more behavioral - more prone to misusing the Power of the Word to its own selfish advantage - to fabricate her own little stories on the expense of Adam's Great Story. This is what is meant by The Dark side of the Soul (The Psyche), and it is also what is meant by The Dark Night of the Soul...

During this Dark Night, which symbolizes the Mind's Deceptive Absence, the Soul is put to the ultimate test. of time... Will it be able to master the Language of the Dawn... In order to do so, she will have to give herself up like a shining moon surrendering to the first rays of light as the dawn approaches...

When the Wholly Mind glanced at HIS own image for a moment, He missed sight of the Creator's Image. This moment could be compared to a day dream in which the Wholly Mind envisioned Himself in a Story of His own, in a world where there is no Salvation but rather A Savior - for the only true Savior is The Creator.

This world, however dreamy, is dark and devoid of the mathematics of salvation; and in it, the soul of Adam is left alone in alienation with her endless thoughts and limitless numerical possibilities - left to face her fate on her own...

The part of The Wholly Mind that contained and accounted for this Dreamy Eye is Eve (Hawaa The Container), and thus the whole Dream Dimension  pertains to Eve's.

Like a dream in comparison to a waking state, Eve's Realm is to that which belongs to ADAM. 


She is prone to misunderstand ADAM and as a result reflect an Image of a DISOBEDIENT ADAM who assumes the Role of The Savior on the expense of True Salvation.

Like a Moon shining in the darkness of the night (the sun's illusive absence), Eve wishes to appear and play the role of Adam in His absence.

In the Sun's absence, darkness provides the Moon with a temporary atmosphere (a moment of fame) in which it can deceptively appear like the Sun - like The Shining Star ; even though in the final reality, the shiny appearance of the Moon in the darkness is not an inherent part of the moon's nature itself; for the Moon is but a cold dark planet.

Darkness, which derives its identity from the Sun's illusive absence, is symbolic of the Seductive Power of Evil which drove Enoch to assume Adam's position in His Absence. Evil has no role to play in the full presence of Adam...

The shiny appearance of the moon at night is merely a deceptive reflection transmitted to the moon from the Sun.

EVE, in the same way as the Moon plays on the appearance of the Sun's image in his own image, plays on the deceptive aspects brought about by Adam's temporary absence which allows for Adam's image to reflect upon hers.

Darkness provides a fertile ground for the Moon to imitate the SUN.

The state of the Sun's full presence during daylight symbolizes THE-TRUTH-IN-FINALITY, where the SOUL ultimately faces the MIND IN THE FULL PRESENCE OF THE FATHER, either prepared or unprepared.

On the wake of such confrontation, like the moon disappearing in daylight, all images and identities fall in the presence of such ONENESS, and the SOUL is undressed and exposed through the MIRROR (THE MIND) to its TRUTH-IN-FINALITY, either Prepared or Unprepared. In this original context, the Savior Role no longer exists and light is no longer diffused but overwhelmingly overflowing - and BLINDING....

In the Sun's full presence, the context of darkness is exposed for being merely a delusive effect caused by Light itself, and the Moon is forced to give up its illusively Shiny Identity completely...

The SUNRISE symbolizes the return of Adam from His Illusive absence, at which point the Deceptive Logic of Seduction is exposed for what it is and darkness disappears leaving the moon the wrong and causing its image to loose its allure and shiny appearance.

The Moon's Shiny Form or Silhouette that the light vs. darkness contrast permeates into vision, is symbolic of The Wholly Word role or (SETH who is Adam's Messenger in the story). Like a messenger, The Moon's Shiny Form is indirectly sent by the sun, and sunlight is really what provides objects with their perceptibility or visual extremities.

However, during the night, The Power of Form serves as a double-edged sward, it either serves as a tool of knowledge and enlightenment or as a tool of Ego.

As a tool of Ego, it utilizes the Sunlight to conspire against the SUN itself by serving to help the Moon assume the Sun's Role...

This is symbolic of the role SETH plays in the story as The Forgetful Adam, who, although is Adam's Messenger, yet he is influenced by The Devil to conspire against Adam in his absence using the Power of Word for the wrong reasons - to convince Enoch to subdue to the Devil's plan.

Later, it will become clear how the polarity between relative light and darkness which gives rise to the Moon's Deceptive Image at night is symbolic of an illusive System of Behavioral Good & Evil - a system that religious institutions would forcefully endorse across the centuries and that would come to dominate over the Ancient Gnostic System of Absolute Goodness which is like Existence or Consciousness - completely intolerant to any form of contrast or opposition - an intolerance that ultimately renders evil's identity in its logic-of-context SIMPLY NONEXISTENT.

The system of behavioral Good & EVIL, like a dream that takes over reality, it becomes more of a actuality to the Soul in as much as the SOUL departs from The Gnostic Truth of Adam ( which is Consciousness or Knowledge of the Absolute Good).

In the Full Presence of such knowledge, there is NO EVE-ILLNESS - NO EVIL. According to the Truth-in-Finality, evil is a state of Eve-related-Illness measured by how far the Soul departs from it conscious Origin inside ADAM where she has perfect view and sight of THE FATHER.

As the SOUL overlook this truth across time, the Soul gradually falls victim to FORGETFULNESS, which translates itself in THE SOUL FALLING VICTIM TO THE CONTEXT OF THE BEHAVIORAL SYSTEM OF GOOD & EVIL, where evil is substantiated into a Form of Judgment that the Soul expects to receive for her Bad Behavior.

In other words, the notion of Good (at such fallen level) looses any relativity to The Gnostic Cause (which is knowledge) and becomes measured by A Code of Conduct referred to as Religious Behavior...

By such standards, The Ultimate Evil becomes THE RELIGIOUS FEAR OF PUNISHMENT BASED UPON BEHAVIOR. 

Eventually, the Soul's entrapment inside this behavioral system nourishes her judgmental behavior, ultimately forcing the soul to inflict upon her self THE RELIGIOUS CONTEXT OF ETERNAL JUDGMENT which is basically  = LOOSING HOPE IN THE FATHER's MERCY OR IN THE SIGNIFICANT ROLE THAT KNOWLEDGE PLAYS IN THE MATHEMATICS OF SALVATION.

In the Gnostic Reality, Loosing Hope in the Father's Mercy is really the state of failing to see The Father's Wisdom in events . Loosing Hope in the Father's Mercy is in Reality THE ETERNAL SIN in itself and not the Eternal Judgment, because it is nothing but the final chapter in the Soul's attempt to play The Savior Role on the expense of its own salvation - a chapter which depicts the Soul playing the role of  The Merciless God of Her Own Destiny...

This is irredeemable behavior, not in the sense that the SOUL DESERVES TO BE ETERNALLY PUNISHED FOR SUCH BEHAVIOR, but in terms of what it translates in The Gnostic Truth-in-Finality:


In other words, there is simply no logic that the Soul could seek or reach which can ultimately justify or redeem its own Self-Destructive behavior... 

The tendency to play the Savior Role on the expense of true salvation is a very ancient spiritual tendency that Christ himself warned against...

When a crowd looked at Him in Person and referred to Him as GOD, He expressed his wish that the ground open and swallow Him along with that crowd, because He knew that those people were not seeing the Light of the Father in Him; instead they were trapped within the context of the POWER OF THE SAVIOR ROLE THAT THE FATHER GRANTED TO HIM...

In the ancient Druze Wisdom, The Wholly Mind is quoted saying:

"He who knows the difference between Me and My Image shall be saved of the Dangerous illnesses from which is caused The Eternal Death..."

Eternal Life and Death for the Souls means the difference between Being trapped ETERNALLY in the IMAGE of THE SAVIOR or understanding the difference between this Image and the Light of SALVATION transmitted through it from THE FATHER.

Only through such understanding can the DEADLY IMAGE be penetrated and the soul could rest BEING INSIDE THE EYE OF THE SAVIOR AT-ONE with THE FATHER - inside the PROMISED NEW  JERUSALEM, The Jerusalem of the Heart, which is symbolic of THE CIRCLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS depicted in the 1st Order of Trinity - the only place where CHRISTHOOD (AS AN IMAGE) has no significance what so ever, because The Knower and The Knowledgeable and Knowledge itself all become ONE...

The Savior tendency is a spiritual illness, and the soul that falls into such tendency is referred to by Plato as Psyche and not SOUL. The term SOUL was originally used in reference to The Obedient Soul who preserves her place inside ADAM and remains conscious of her identity in the Father's Reality.

On the other hand, The Disobedient Soul, otherwise referred to as Psyche, is severed from her original place inside Adam by her own behavioral tendency to play Adam's role in her own dream-like little stories; and being severed from Adam means being cast outside the Father's Vision & Plan,

"Through you I Punish and through you I reward..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom) .

This is why Hermes Trismegistus (Blessed be his name), in his Tablets, spoke of the Soul's ability to endure and withstand facing The Father Without Shaking, and considered The Blessed Soul is the Soul that remains alive inside the Father's Vision and follows the path of repentance (that Enoch and Seth walked).

When a student of Hermes once questioned the Gnostic doctrine that divided humanity into two(The Children of Light and The Children of Darkness) and asked Hermes about the difference between Souls that are ultimately destined to be saved and Souls that are not, especially that both souls seem to suffer on earth equally, Hermes replied that the difference is so little and yet so great:

Salvaged Souls, said Hermes, are aware of the Mathematics of Evil in its Finality, and realize just in time the meaning of what they are going through and how evil indirectly serves the Absolute Good, and is far from being on a real competitiveness with such good. this prevents them from being chocked and disturbed by the dark context of events - it prevents them from seeing evil or falling into its blind context...

while on the other hand, Miserable Souls, added Hermes, are too caught inside the context of behavioral good & evil to realize how it ultimately fits in The Father's Plan; and this ultimately causes them to be eternally chocked and disturbed by the darkness of events and accordingly they cast themselves by themselves out of the Plan...

A Brief Recount:

It is by now clear that the Conscious IDENTITY of the SOUL translates into the Soul being a Passive Receptor or LISTENER to the Wholly MIND's VOICE.

Like the moon in the full presence of the sun is the state of the obedient soul that undresses herself from all her fake appearances and identities that are only made to fit inside the The Dark Context which assumes a rebellious self-destructive reality - The Devil's Vision. 

Being in the conscious receptive mode allows the Soul to listen to the Wholly Mind's voice and receive and preserve her Conscious Identity inside The Father's Vision . It allows her to experience the meaning that encircle her actions in Space & Time and how it fits in the matrix of The-Truth-in-Finality.

As for the Soul's ill tendency to assume the Mind's Position, it automatically switches the Soul's mode from The Conscious Receptive Mode and to The Blind Behavioral Mode

The Soul's behavioral identities are short-lived segmented roles that the Soul plays inside her own egoistic dream-like visions in which the soul travels outside her self to envision Images of Herself in dream-like situations that frame her as The Hero of those stories.

This impels the Soul to assume the position of the Behavioral Actor rather than the Conscious Witness or Listener, and her own Behavioral Actions create a VEIL of DISTRACTION similar to NOISE that prevents her from listening to the Mind's voice within and ultimately severs her from her Conscious Adamic Origins - transferring her into a PSYCHE.

This is the essence of what is meant by Karmic Entanglements, where the Souls is trapped within a chain of action ruled by numerical causality - so controlled by the strong currents of Cause and Effect that it could  no longer return to her secure and innocent childhood.

And as Christ says:

"You shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven lest you return like Children..."

However, the MIND's Law is not a choice for the soul to accept or reject, but rather an Eternal Truth that justifies the soul's existence to begin with. Thus, tt remains the very element within that is responsible for the Psyche's Eternal Psychological Suffering, even though it is also the very element responsible for the Soul's Eternal Happiness.

The MIND is a two-edged sword. For, while the Soul could turn a deaf ear to the His Voice by busying herself in Night Stories and traveling in her own dream-like experiences, she cannot possibly rule out the Logic of Sunrise or Awakening.

However, waking up may come too late....

The Psyche, like an eye that is exposed to SUNRISE after extreme darkness, if suddenly exposed to the Mind's Overwhelming Logic unprepared, could loose her vision forever - an exposure that threatens to burn even her possibility to dream... After all, dreams revolve around daylight impressions... This process is described in the Druze wisdom as:

"The Soul being Ironed to brought to a meltdown..."

The build up of The Fear of being awakened from her dreams across time ultimately causes the Psyche to develop FEAR OF THE MIND - FEAR OF LIGHT - Fear of the Father Figure and further envision the ending of her identities in her own stories with no mental limits to stop her...







Since time eternal, EXISTENCE has been mysteriously divided by dualities: 

Eternity vs. Space and Time,
Spirit vs. Matter,
Soul vs. Body,
The Interior Realm vs. The Exterior Realm,
The Mental vs. The Physical ,

In the Far Easter Religions, the duality of EXISTENCE is symbolized by the Ying/Yang illustration...

In Judaism, it is symbolized by the converging triangles...

In Christianity by the converging lines of the cross...

In the Famous Davinci painting by the two hands almost touching...


Unfortunately, since the dawn of the monotheistic journey, consciousness of the Ancient Gnostic Duality of The Knower vs. The Object of Knowledge, became dormant in the hidden chambers of the MIND; and instead,  lower forms of duality forced their way the most famous of which is:


The duality of Good & Evil is usually highlighted by a Religious System of DO'S & DON'TS.

In short, it is ruled by a BEHAVIORAL CODE  OF CONDUCT and enforced in the name of God and SPIRITUALITY,

Ironically this system has managed to serve the political agendas of world tyrants across history more than serving spiritual or cognitive well-being, so much so that Religion and Politics, by virtue of behavioral standards, could be considered two sides of the same coin:

Political institutions punish rebellious people for their bad behavior in the name of the LAW,
and Religious institutions achieve what the LAW cannot achieve in the name of GOD & Good vs. Evil.

Humanity was so absorbed by the polarity between those two seemingly contrasting institutions The Secular vs. The Religious and so tossed and turned in between that humans hardly had any chance to contemplate the deceptive elements of such polarity and its damaging outcomes on all levels ...

History itself could be generally viewed as one great tragic story that revolves around the Polarities between such forms of Behavioral Systems of Dualities .

Historical cataclysms that tragically ended historical cycles like those of Atlantis & Lemuria are major earthly events driven by a the similar polarity of that between Spirit vs. Matter which generated IGNORANCE on a major scale.

In the dawn of the Atlantean civilization for instance, there were no religions in the form known to man in this cycle. In that childhood period of humanity's age, there existed a unique balance between Spirit and Matter protected by spiritual innocence.

Accordingly, humanity behaved consciously, neither spiritually nor materially, and thus experienced Edenic times in the early Atlentean eons.

We've already mentioned how millions of years ago, humans possessed great spiritual powers that are nothing short from what is known today as MYTHICAL & LEGENDRY POWERS: Powers like Alchemy, Telepathy, Levitation, the ability to move objects and control animals and weather through Thought etc...

However, humanity lost its innocence in the late stages of the Atlantean experience.

The balance between Spirit & Matter was broken, and a behavioral vision of power was harnessed in which spiritual powers were abused for selfish materialistic purposes.

The Polar Imbalance that resulted from this growing imbalance effected the earth in ways similar to how certain  industrial behavior in this century is doing by developing in a path that ultimately damages the ozone layer, causing a chain of negative environmental events, like The Melting Poles, The Rising Sea Levels, El-Nenos & Tsunamis, and major coastal cities sinking as a result...

The Atlantean cycle ended in cataclysmic events that are beyond our current imagination - events that are nothing short from being a real-life definition of what the alleged Judgment Day is supposed to look like....

Consequently, Survivors of The Atlantean Fall were forced backwards 1000s of years away from civilization and had to start this Adamic cycle almost from point-blank.

Memory of Atlantis survived in history only through Plato's dialogues, and Atlantis is still considered by many skeptics as a Platonic Myth.

The great knowledge practiced in Atlantis was largely buried along with the continent... Part of it was saved by some Atlanteans who had intuitively anticipated the Tragic Fall of Atlantis and accordingly left the continent prior to its complete destruction...

Those conscious Atlanteans carried with them the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom and founded the civilizations of Ancient Greece & Egypt, and certain monuments like the Pyramids of  Egypt still stand as a concrete witness till this moment to the kind of miraculous knowledge that humanity once experienced...

If there was a sober moment in time (in the recollect-able history) in which there existed enough Polar Balance between the duality of Matter vs. Spirit to allow the MIND to freely contemplate the Cognitive nature of the  LINK between the Kingdom of Heaven & The Kingdom of Earth, it would have to be the Ancient Greek Times which inaugurated the civilizations of this final Adamic cycle....

It was a time that came after the legendary wars of Atlantis and prior to the Holy Invasions & Patriotic feudal wars & conflicts that highlighted the religious journey of monotheism and its hidden political agendas, which later along the centuries branched out into more complex conflicts such as that of race, language, cultures and communication...

The Great Greek Minds, known in history as Philosophers, particularly members of the Order of the Sacred Eight (known to the Druze as El-Hudoud): Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Parmenides, Empedocles, Plotinus, Democritus - all encouraged a life of balance between Spirit & Matter and promoted an education based on moderation that aims at freeing the soul from all patterns of extremism, whether Spiritual or Material.

At that time, Spartans leaned more towards practicing physical extremism in bringing up their youth a warrior upbringing, and on the other hand many Atheneans leaned the other way through indulging in spiritual extremism and were too absorbed by the power of the Gods of Athens and the Oracle.

In Plato's Academy, Plato set a curriculum that emphasized a balance between the two human natures, Body & Spirit. He emphasized the beauty in mathematical logic, geometrical proportion and musical harmony... He considered mathematics to be a field of knowledge that borders upon both The Spiritual and The Material forms...

Fields like Mathematics and logic were introduced by Plato as Intermediary. In other words, they were considered to belong to both the Spiritual and the Physical world equally i.e. they are just as instrumental in building a physical monument as they are in understanding the secrets of the universe...

Physical Health, on the other hand, was never underrated by those Great Greek Minds. Plato taught that a healthy body reflects a healthy mental state, and his curriculum included courses in gymnastics.

Those great men really respected the Adamic nature on all levels: If The Creator wanted to create humans as Ghost-Like spirits he would have done so and saved humanity all the hassle of physical existence with its ups and downs;

Thus, there is a Divine Reason & Sacred Logic behind the Adamic heavenly/earthly combination. 

Those men also understood that this combination is not only a temporary state but it is the eternal fate of Adamics; and accordingly they respected the logic behind the Doctrine of Reincarnation.

This is what makes them really distinct from the Religious Institutions that would follow for centuries after.

Those institutions would later build empires upon empires of power and dominion around the Mystery of Death and the Life After... They would use Death and the concept of the Heavenly Sky as a justification for promoting a physical education based on hatred and neglect to the Adamic Form and Image, body torture and physical shame became the pillars of such mentality - the idea is that the human physique is a PERISHABLE source of SIN ... 

When a friend of Plotinus once was struck by a strong state of depression, Plotinus advised him to change air and food, because according to Plotinus, such psychological tendency does not spring forth from of a healthy body. He did not advise him to go and pray his way into a cure...

Pythagoras associated the motion of the Planets in the Universe to the notion of Music, and Plato used the term Music to refer to a holistic academic program that involved mathematics, logic, philosophy, science etc...

Aristotle had great interest in biology, and his remarkable student Alexander (Blessed be his name) brought back with him on each home return specimen of rare animals and plants for Aristotle to study.

Aristotle also taught Alexander The Science of Sematics (which is also present among the Ancient Druze Manuscripts)... The science of Sematics is based upon the strong relationship between how a person looks on the outside with how he is on the inside...

Blessed Hippocrates is, needless to say, The Father of Medicine....

The Impeccable Pythagoras was known for practicing Gender equality... Among his teachings is that the SOUL has no gender, and both men and women should be treated equally; and his favorite student was a female whose name was Theana...

Those great men really believed that only through balancing between dualities can man lead an honorable life of contemplation which ultimately leads to The Sacred Knowledge of the LINK BETWEEN THE DUALITY OF ALL DUALITIES - The Gnostic Duality of the Knower vs. Object of Knowledge.

What is meant by the notion of THE SACRED LINK will be gradually revealed as we go along exposing the hidden implications behind Plato's Theory of Forms which relates The Heavenly with The Earthly, The Conceptual to the Perceptual through defining knowledge as being a Form of Recollection of the Realm of Eternity through that takes form through the intricate mathematics of our Perceptual Experience in Space & Time.

Plato's Theory of Forms is by far the best introduction to THE UNIQUE FIFTH SCIENCE around which the material I am presenting wholly revolves...

Unfortunately, any Messiah or Wise man that has ever walked upon the face of this earth was attacked by ignorant men.

In Plato's situation, the attack extended out long throughout history, and those ignorant men sometimes called themselves philosophers and intellectuals.

His Sacred Theory of Forms, was undermined by those men for being too IDEALISTIC.

Little did they know that they were not simply judging a Greek philosopher, they were judging a Messiah and a Great TIMELESS MIND whose work is not any less holy than the holy texts. 

Plato is often blamed for highlighting a Dichotomy between Matter and Soul in his Theory of Forms that paused a mental dilemma at a time when Pagan Greece seemed quite happy and content in its ignorance and blind allegiance to the Gods of Athens and the Oracle.

Plato is said to have came along and disturbed the Greek Pagan Innocence by impelling the Greek mind to THINK OF THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE rather than letting the Gods do the thinking...

As a result, history of philosophy, as it progressed after Plato, is agreed upon by many thinkers as nothing more than a GRAND REBELLIOUS REACTION OR FOOTNOTES TO PLATO.

Another notion those so called "Intellectuals" employed to express their deep rejection to the Platonic spirit came in the ferocious comparison between his philosophy and Aristole.

The basic claim is that Aristotle's philosophy is more REALISTIC and Down-to-Earth than Plato's.

Along the way of dwelling on such an ignorant comparison, they depicted an illusive philosophical rivalry between those two men.

Aristotle's philosophy later received more popularity and applause in the West and inspired the western scientific expedition, while the Platonic philosophy was categorized more as Mystical or Spiritual and became more associated with Eastern Mysticism in another way of saying that it is TOO IDEAL.

To the Druze Understanding, this is complete non-sense, Plato is the person of the Wholly Soul and Aristotle is the person of the Wholly Word. Each respected his position in The Sacred Order, and their works intricately reflected such respect.

Both men completed one another in the same way as The Word completes The Thought  that it is meant to express...

The Word sounds obviously more sharp, clear-cut, evident and prominent than The Thought; however, the mere fact that it is better heard, is in no way meant to be a repelling factor against the AUTHENTICITY of the thought that stands behind it.

The Thought remains in its sacred mystery, beyond the expressive power of The Word, and The Word, in turn, remains tied to The Thought in ways beyond its nature or ability to escape, and it forever remains short of fully reflecting the grand majesty of The Thought.

Like two chapters of the same Prophecy, Plato identified Forms as Metaphysical Objects or Conception, and Aristotle linked those Objects to the dimensional extremities of Perceptual Experience.

Each went into a unique depth in defining The Form, and this was narrowly misconceived as being a form of rivalry or competitiveness between the two.

Knowing who those men are and what they stand for in The Kingdom of Gnosis, it is simply absurd to believe or even begin to hink that Aristotle's realism competed in any way with Plato's idealism.

Each one of them knew very well what he is here on earth to do and which level of knowledge he is meant to reveal...

Both complete one other in the same way as The Body completes The Soul.

Yes, the body's presence may be more evident, more prominent, and the body may speak on behalf of the soul most of the time (if not all the time),  to the extent that the soul may seem almost non-existent altogether;

However, at the moment of death, the soul speaks ONE WORD that is worth a whole life-time of speaking, by simply and gently departing the body leaving it eternally speechless.

In short, those two men's sacred works is beyond philosophical contrast & opposition. It is natural for The Word to be more loud, expressive and understood than The Thought; this does not in any way mean that one's reality should be on the expense of the other.

Being from the MIDDLE EAST in this life-time,  I would like to dedicate my work to the WESTERN MIND. This is one of the reasons I chose to write this work in English.

For centuries now, there has been a growing level of ignorance and misunderstanding highlighted by a historical fabrication of a Contrasting Duality between THE EAST & THE WEST.

It seems that such polarity seems to fit the political agendas of world tyrants of this day and age as the Art of Polarity has always done:

"Nothing is New Under the Sun..." (The Sacred & Eternal Words of King Solomon)

On this occasion, and prior to embarking upon the philosophical introduction to the main subject of my work which is THE FIFTH SCIENCE, I would like to reveal one more ancient Gnostic secret:

The East's relationship to the West is unwillingly victim to an ancient miscommunication reflective of The Male's relationship to The Female, or Yin's relationship to the Yang, or the Alpha relationship to the Omega...

Such miscommunication is in turn reflective of yet even more ancient form of miscommunication - all of which could be traced back to Eve's relationship with Adam:


Inside each one of us, whether westerner or easterner, whether male or female, those two powers reside, and miscommunication starts between the female and male part inside each individual prior to descending into the family level and later on to the community level and then the cultural, religious, racial and thousands of other levels....

The East & The West complete one another even though they possess two different ways to express themselves.

The East behaves like a Male, who at times might be self-centered and completely oblivious to the concept of The Other and how this other perceives his character. He feels that the world revolves around him anyways, and so there is no need to defend an image or mask a behavior or beautify an intention. He does not like to be caught in the language of self-defense, because he is poor and illiterate in such respect. Even more, he considers speaking such language as a weakness in itself. Accordingly, he often appears like Acting Without Thinking as though there is no tomorrow.  In his mind he says: DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST WHO? He simply cannot understand being judged based on CHARACTER. This is why he is often misunderstood like any male accused of being a male chauvinist...

This code of behavior is completely rejected by the West for being Emotional, Spontaneous AND SOMEWHAT POOR & NAIVE.

The language of the West leans more towards the Yin or Omega frequency... The West, like a female who is often forced to survive in a Man's world,  understands better the Power of Language & Expression. As a matter of fact, the Western mentality generally considers that:


THE FRAME - THE LOOK is Equally Important as Make Up is to a Woman

Self-defense to the Omega Mentality is a STRATEGY and not a SIGN OF WEAKNESS...

The conflict between East & West is marked by a WAR OF COMMUNICATION reflective of that between a Man and a Women.

The Future is more important to the woman than it is to the man who seems more satisfied by the world as it is in the present. This renders the East as being non-advancing as the West seems to be. Man is mystified by the woman's ability to THINK AHEAD OF HER TIME as much as the east is intrigued by the west's technological advancement,


The West tends to measure civilization by how a woman is treated, and The East, on the other hand, mocks such criterion and considers the Western Woman to be enslaved by such civilization, carrying responsibilities beyond her physical nature. ... 

In fact, all dualities, including female vs. male and east vs. west originate from Adam & Eve (The Mind & The Soul) who are both spiritual elements present in each one of us regardless of his/her gender or nationality.

Each one of us is both male and female.

This is why the SECRET is to balance between those two natures inside and on an individual level.

In order to do so, one must understand that:


Let the Eve within each one of us return to her ancient place inside ADAM, and let them both enter once more THE GARDEN OF EDEN - THE PROMISED LAND...

Let us be ADAMIC, not nationalists, not religious, not racist or sexist etc....  

LET US LEARN THE NEUTRAL LANGUAGE OF THE MIND. It has been mapped out for us in Pythagoras Theory of Number, Plato's Theory of Forms, Aristotle's Physics on Motion, Space &Time, Plotinus Enneads, The Sacred Parmenedian Conception of The ONE , and who is to forget the great SOCRATES who drank the POISON saying:


Athens was never again Athens after that moment, and history was divided into pre-Socratic and pro-Socratic. It is unclear whether Socrates is he who drank the Poison or THE CIVILIZATION OF ATHENS is who did by allowing such injustice to take form, and ever since the balance was broken and Athens went down and history took on a dark turn...


Blessed with the grace of Eternity is he who believed and thus was secured and so he entered the City of Beauty and sat on the Divans of Pytha the Numerical, Socra the Village of the Aeons, Plo the light, Pla the shadow, Aris the cause, Parmen the Eternal, Democ The Secured, Empedoc The Overflow…"


The Realm of Eternity vs. The Realm of Space & Time:

Timeless Plato is known to have been one of the pioneer minds in recollect-able history to have discovered the Dual nature of existence.

According to Plato, existence is divided into two realms: the Realm of Eternity & the Realm of Space & Time.

The Platonic Dualism later on inspired philosophical and theological schools of thought that would wholly revolve around derivative dualities: the duality of The Heavenly & The Earthly, The Spiritual & The Material, The Good & The Evil etc...

However, Plato did more than pause a dilemma over the nature of existence as some philosophy critics would later argue.

In his elaborate Theory of Forms, Plato revealed a road-map that bridges the two realms together. The Link, to Plato, is not about a prayer or a ritual of some sort that the Gods up in the heavens would at some point hear or behold and respond back to in due time based on the holy axiom Ask and You Shall Receive,

but rather,

The Link revolves around a unique science which centers around a logical connection between Conception & Perception.  

The nature of such Logic is unleashed through Plato's  phenomenal Theory of Forms.

It revolves around the very nature of the Mind itself and its ability to control both:

The Mechanism of Heavenly Conceiving the Question


The Mechanism of Earthly Perceiving the Answer

"The Creator never grants permission for one to ask unless HE grants permission for one to answer his own question..." (The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

Accordingly, the Eternal Realm, to Plato, is not beyond the Adamic knowledge.

It is not heavenly or transcendent in any religious or dogmatic sense.

On the contrary, it intersects with the Spacio-temporal Realm through a Matrix of Meaning that is knowledgeable.

In brief, to Plato, the Realm of Space & Time is a Translation of the Realm of Eternity. Contemplating the nature of the Translation, one basically learns about the Object Translated.

The Physical Realm, according to Plato, is somewhat of a reflection or a copy of The Eternal Realm.

Through contemplating the reflection or the copy, one recollects knowledge of the original.

Everything in the Spacio-Temporal Realm is a significant object of contemplation: Space, the Sun, the Moon, Light and Darkness… etc…

For example, Space in its endlessness, resembles the Infinite nature of eternity. The Sun, in the way it permeates vision of objects, resembles The Mind which is the internal sun of ideas and forms... Etc…

Plato, in his Myth of the Sun and Myth of the Cave, hints to a Mechanism of Perception, not a system of belief, that links between the Absoluteness of the Realm of Eternity and the Relativity of the Realm of Space & Time.

He portrays the two realms as alive and interactive with each other through a Matrix of Meaning that is subject to contemplation and not to blind worship.

In his Theory of Forms, Plato indirectly reveals the mathematics of such interaction – a revelation that would riddle both the religious and the scientific rationale following Plato…

Both institutions would instead reactively emphasize a mysterious gap between the two Realms i.e. The Religious Institution would accentuate a lapse of space or time of some sort that supposedly separate between Earth and Heaven, This World and the Other World…

Plato, in the immaculacy of his mathematics of perception (as revealed through his theory), demystifies the magic that would come to nurture this mysterious gap or lapse between the two realms:

On the cross-point of Adamic Cognition HERE & NOW and not through some ghostly experience in some inexplicable future in some seventh sky, is where the Vertical Line of Eternity Intersects with the Horizontal Line of Space & Time.

Plato's Theory of Knowledge:

According to Plato, the Realm of Eternity precedes the Realm of Space & Time. This form of precedence (as you will discover) is not Time-Measured.

The Adamic Soul (According to Plato) has encountered the Realm of Eternity PRIOR to descending to the Realm of Space & Time. Accordingly, the soul possesses knowledge of the eternal realm prior to any empirical experience of it on the spacio-temporal level.

Plato considered knowledge to be innate and not acquired. It is a process of recollecting or remembering in Space & Time that which has already been encoded within the soul since Eternity.

Through encountering The Copy one recollects knowledge of The Original  or The Blue Print, which is somehow encrypted within the soul in eternity and PRIOR to any empirical experience in Space & Time.

For instance, through encountering a particular apple in the physical realm, one recollects knowledge of the eternal Form Apple.

Note that the term descending here does not carry any religious connotations. In the Platonic sense, descending relates to moving downwards not from somewhere up in the heavens towards somewhere down on earth, but rather from a state of Absolute Consciousness of The One to a more Relative or Subjective levels of awareness in which The Absolute One is translated and disguised by The Many.

Accordingly, to Plato, what separates between the two realms is not some imaginary ladder that one climbs or descends through, but a veil of ignorance or forgetfulness that could only be unleashed through a process of recollection triggered by contemplating THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE & THE ORIGIN OF FORMS.

Note also that the term PRIOR as well, in the Platonic sense, is not relative to any sequential or timely order, but to a logical order of necessity ruled by a Matrix-of-Meaning that conjoins the two Realms.

The order of such precedence, as will be verified in The Unique Fifth Science, is not a Timely Order as in the case of one thing happening at a time before the time that the other happens at, but rather an order which reflects a different nature of precedence. 

In order to understand such nature, consider how the concept of Color precedes the concept of Redness or the concept of Double precedes the concept of Four-ness or how the concept of Motion precedes the concept of Time-Passage

In other words, in Plato's order of Prior and Posterior, the latter follows the former not as would number 2 successively follow number 1, but as would both number 1 & 2  logically follow their essential Species-of-Origin which is the Concept of Number itself or The Numerical Possibility,


As would The Description of an object follows The Object Described.

The description seems on one hand to follow the object described and on the other hand, it seems to come hand in hand with it as an inseparable element of the object.

Accordingly, to Plato, it is not that the Eternal Realm once existed at a time prior or after to the existence of the Spacio-Temporal Realm (as monotheistic thought in general would later depict).

For, according to such logic, at some point in time, the Eternal Realm must have seized to exist, and consequently, it cannot be eternal.

To Plato, the picture is more like the Eternal Realm superimposes its Image and mathematics upon the Spacio-Temporal Realm as would A Thought superimpose its image upon The Word that expresses it - charging it with its power-of-meaning (expressive power), or as would an Internal Emotion superimpose its form upon the External Facial Expression that translate it.

Thus, the Eternal Realm, to Plato, is alive and interactive in nature with the Spcaio-Temporal Realm - constantly providing it with Form and meaning.

Accordingly, the process of knowledge or recollection does not occur in a timely consequential manner. 

In other words, it is not like initially at some pre-historic moment in time, in some unknown dimension, the soul must have been exposed to the Form Apple, and then as it encounters a particular apple in space & time the image of the apple somehow enters the brain hitting a nerve key that belongs to The Form Apple, causing the brain to say: Aha, I Remember... this is an apple...

This is more of an empirical interpretation of Plato's Theory of Knowledge, and it makes no sense to justify The Innate Logic through The Empirical Logic.

Analyzing Plato's conception of the two realms and the connection in between, one discovers that the case is more like:

The Mind emanates that very element which allows for the identity of the apple to be encountered on the perceptual level in the first place, with everything that perception could possibly mean.

For, according to the Platonic logic, any object cannot possibly enter the realm of perception unless in a descriptive mode to that which precedes it on a conceptual level. 

In other words, What Happens Perceptually translates What Already Exists Conceptually, and it progresses in space & time descriptively, having no life of its own, in the same way as the footsteps of a man may progress to reveal or describe the meaning of walking.

Accordingly, what is Taking Form or Happening in Space & Time is never progressing or developing in an Informative Mode i.e. never revealing the future or the unknown, but rather, it progresses in a Descriptive Mode that translates what already is on the conceptual level.

The Mind, to Plato, is the Sun that superimposes the very element or context through which the Realm of Perception altogether becomes meaningful for what it is in the first place.

In the same way as light superimposes the context of visibility, the mind superimposes the context of knowledge-ability, transferring any experience (whether conceptual or perceptual) into a mind-relative dimension.

Accordingly, the Perceptual Possibility in itself exists in the first place as a translation or description of the Conceptual Possibility, and the Translation cannot possibly precede The Object Translated - it cannot precede the element which justifies its existence in the first place.

Consequently, what the perceiver basically encounters on the perceptual level is reflections of his own Mental Conceptions in three-dimensional form, appearing and progressing in a descriptive mode.

Those reflections are more like what Plato refereed to in his Myth of the Cave as Shadows that deceptively appear on the walls of the cave as though they have a story of their own, when in reality they are only describing what is taking place outside the cave - the reality symbolic of the eternal realm as lit by the Sun (The Wholly Mind)

Existence is not an added meaning arrived at through vision...
(An Excerpt from The Unique Fifth Science)

While any given object that one encounters on the perceptual level (i.e. an apple, a tree, a mountain) exhibits a number of perceivable attributes integrated together (i.e. redness and roundness in the case of the apple), it is somewhat absurd to claim that those external attributes could ever sum up visually to amount for the Identity Apple or account for what an apple is in its Conceptual Finality.

True, redness and roundness may seem on the immediate perceptual encounter inseparable elements of an apple; however, it is not essential that the mind thinks roundness or redness in order to think Apple-ness.

The Apple, on the mental level, somehow carries an immaculate identity of its own that cannot be mixed up with the apple's perceptual elements.

In other words, in mind, the equation is never the following: redness + roundness + fruitfulness + 1 +  1+  1= Apple.

Such elements, to the Apple's Conceptual Identity, are descriptive and not informative; and as already mentioned:

A Description can never precede The Object Described in any order of precedence - neither in priority or in importance. T

he Description is bound to The Object Described and not the other way around.

Similarly, and on a more complex level, if one happens to be sitting up on a balcony of a building watching a man running across the street, one's eyes are tempted to follow the steps of the man informatively rather than Descriptively.

In other words, the perceiver's eyes are tempted to follow the steps in a mode of (1 Step +1 Step +1Step +1Step = Meaning), as though those steps will lead into some piece of discovery of some sort, like knowing at some point in space & time (in the near future) where the man is heading to or what are those steps progressing towards...

Lets assume that someone walks out to the balcony and inform the perceiver that this particular man down the street is A Runner.

The perceiver at this point realizes that those steps are not developing informatively, but rather descriptively... They are simply translating what running as a concept already means.

Accordingly, those steps are somehow progressing towards the past and not the future. They are describing What Already Is and not What Is Yet To Become.

In conclusion, the Eternal Realm of Forms, which Plato associates with The Realm of Mind, seems to somehow superimpose its context upon the perceptual experience in the same way as Running superimposes its context upon The Man's Steps.

Accordingly, everything that is in the Perceptually Happening is basically a translation to What Already Conceptually Happened;

and Conceptual Happening does not require Space, Time & Physicality to be fulfilled, because such conditional fulfillment would always be threatened by the possibility of Not Happening.

In other words, that which requires all those conditions to happen could be prone not to happen, and what needs space & time and other conditions to progress towards fulfilling its meaning, lacks what it takes to be definite and meaningful in the first place.

The Conceptual Happening, on the other hand, does not happen in the sense that certain spacio-temporal events or conditions bring about the fulfillment of its meaning.

Its happening is rather more similar to the Apple's Happening - it appears all at once.

Its Happening = its What-ness or Platonic Form itself.

In other words, the second the Mind identify an Identity or a What-ness, the Mind places it within the circle of Happening providing it with all what it takes to happen, and this is precisely why blessed Aristotle considered perceptual objects are at their best what they are the moment they are perceived for what they are.

By this strange note which seems to somehow deactivate The Empirical Logic that Aristotle is made famous for, Aristotle alludes to the active role that the Mind plays in charging the physical realm with the context-of-meaning necessary for it to become Possible, because the mathematics of such Perceptual Possibility is forever tied and constrained to the mathematics of Conceptual Possibility,

And, in as much as the perceptual realm serves to translate faithfully what precede it on the Mental level, in as much as it justifies its Cause-of-Being and its Pregnancy with Possibility.

Aristotle associated knowledge to a state of Dawning-on-the-Mind and not to a state of arriving at meaning through vision. After all the Meaning of Running dawns on the mind of the perceiver suddenly, and it does not require the steps of the runner to fulfill it.

Plato's Forms:

In his Theory of Forms, Plato considers Objects and Occurrences encountered on the perceptual level to be relatively imperfect copies or imitations that partake from an absolute metaphysical origin referred to by Plato as the Eternal Realm of Forms.

For example, any particular apple that one encounters on the physical level derives its identity from an Absolute Form referred to as The Form Apple, and this is the case with any other object one may encounter in space & time...

Plato's Categories of Forms:

Plato divided Forms into three main categories:

Forms from which physical objects partake: The Form Apple, The Form Tree, The Form Mountain, The Form Sun, The Form Moon, The Form Rock etc...

Forms from which meta-physical objects partake: The Form Beauty, The Form Happiness, The Form Equality, The Form Justice, The Form Good etc...

Forms from which Intermediary Objects (Objects that seem to belong to both worlds) partake: Mathematical Forms like Numerical & Geometrical Forms etc...

It is important to note that Plato gave special attention to The Form SPACE and considered it as reflective of a nature that is somewhat beyond the nature of forms.

This notion will become more evident as we go along examining the definition of Existence in The Unique Fifth Science & its relation to the ancient Greek definition of Absolute Oneness as best introduced by Parmenides...

A Remote Word about those categories:

The Physical category is obvious... It is what constitutes our perceptual experience at large. Everywhere one directs his/her vision, one sees physical objects of all shapes and kinds.

The Metaphysical Objects are less obvious. One cannot inspect happiness in the same way one does an apple. Happiness is more of an experimental form than an observable one, and one seems to rely on a reflective comparison between a perceptual experience of some sort and an inner feeling or mental judgment in order to identify the existence or the happening of metaphysical forms like happiness.

Much is to be said about the metaphysical category; however, one thing about this category that is most important to note at this point is that objects that belong to this category are only transmitted into the perceptual level through the Adamic Image and the Adamic Expressions and Actions in Space & Time. No other power or creature in the physical world could bring Forms like Beauty or Love or Equality into manifestation save The Adamic Element. This point is to be remembered; for it constitutes the central logic behind the theological emphasis on the Sacredness of the Adamic Image...

As for the Intermediary Objects, those are objects that seem to belong to both worlds, the physical & the metaphysical... The nature and significance of this category will be revealed in more depth in the course of revealing the nature of The Link that Plato establishes between the Perceptual and the Conceptual world...

Absoluteness vs. Particularity in Plato's Forms:

As already mentioned, according to Plato's Theory of Forms, any particular object encountered on the perceptual or empirical level is supposedly a copy of an original and eternal Blue Print referred to as The Form, from where this object's innermost identity partake.

This Form is constant, eternal and is that very essential element that makes the object what it is in its finality, despite any particular variations in space & time that this object may carry over other objects of its exact kind.

For instance, consider again the Form Apple: According to Plato's theory, all particular apples that are to ever exist in space & time, no matter how much they may differ among each other in terms of size, color, taste, freshness etc.., derive their identity or What-ness from one and the same original blueprint: The Form Apple, which is absolute, eternal, non-changing and somehow forever radiates the very element that makes all those apples what they are in their Finality: APPLES…

In other words, particularity (relative to any Form) is prone to expose variations; However, despite such relative variations, The Absoluteness of the Form (which is in this case The Form Apple) transcends such variations and is not in any way effected or changed by them.

According to this Platonic premise, variations among particular apples in space & time are not inherent elements of the Apple's Identity. In other words, those particularities do not effect or change anything in the absolute world of The Form Apple.

However, the real question that pauses itself on this level and will pause itself again and again on many other levels is:

How can The One (which is in this case The Form Apple) be One & Many simultaneously? How can The Form Apple preserve its eternal or absolute unity on one hand and yet enter the relative realm of change and multiplicity on the other?

To understand the answer to this question that is as ancient as philosophy is, it is very important to comprehend the logic that constitutes the Gnostic Order of Trinity introduced in the previous chapters of this work.

So what then accounts for those variations that rise on the perceptual level and how could The Absoluteness of The Form APPLE account for those countless changes & variations and yet remain one and unchanged?

And if one singular Form could account for such Many variations, then how could this Form remain One and similar to itself?

If not, consequently, there would have to be countless forms of The Form Apple in the realm of eternity (practically as many as there are particular Apples in space & time) to account for all the possible differences among those particular apples; especially that, according to the law of particularity, there cannot be found not even two particular apples in Space & Time that are identical to one another...

According to Plato's theory, those variations are accounted for by other Forms like The Form Big for example and The Form Small, The Form Red, The Form Green, The Form Rotten, The Form Fresh.. etc...

For example, a given green apple may differ from a given red apple, however, not by virtue of identity (Apple-ness) but by virtue of color which has nothing to do with The Form Apple itself.

In other words, the The Form Apple remains untouched by such difference.

Such difference, according to Plato's Theory, is accounted for by other eternal forms such as: The Form Color, The Form Green and The Form Red…etc

Each of those forms that its own identity that cannot be mistaken In Mind or on the Conceptual Level for another.



Similarly, the green in a particular apple may differ from the green in a particular plant; however, both forms of green-ness partake from one, eternal and non-changing blueprint named: the Form Green.

The Form Green provides for what makes a particular object identified as in effect green, despite its degree of greenness or difference in shade or gradation in relation to other particular green objects in the physical realm…

The Form Green itself is an Identity of its own. It is unified and at peace with itself and cannot be divided, changed or affected by differences among particular greens in space & time, because such differences do not change the fact that those green objects are Fundamentally Green in their finalities,


green-ness will not be associated at all to those objects.

Such particualr differences or variations, according to Plato, have other Forms to account for such as The Form Light and The Form Dark and The Form Poor and The Form Rich (i.e. light green vs. dark green vs. rich green or poor green etc...)

Forms: Isolated in Eternity, Integrated in Space & Time / Isolated Conceptually, Integrated Perceptually:

The Platonic logic on how relative particularities among objects of the same species in space & time are accounted for on the absolute level of forms sheds a new light on the nature of Plato's Forms:

Forms that are seemingly separate from each other in The Realm of Eternity or conceptually (i.e. the Form Apple / the Form Red / the Form Round etc…) appear to integrate together or layer upon one another on the the perceptual level in an inseparable mode.

For example, redness and roundness, which partake from two clearly isolated concepts or Forms that cannot be mistaken in Mind for one another (the Form Red and the Form Round), perceptually amalgamate together in a particular apple  in such an inseparable manner, in such a way where it is impossible to isolate or extract each on its own...

An apple in Mind seems to be clearly an identity that has its own numerical mental unity, and to conceptualize of an apple in mind obviously does not  require conceptualizing of redness or mandate any specific interference of other images or concepts like roundness or freshness or rottenness.

On the other hand, in the immediate and particular perceptual encounter with an apple, those forms seem to be parasitic upon each other and upon the apple itself, in such a way where one cannot possibly see the apple or touch it without seeing and touching the redness and the roundness of it.

So, on one hand, the Conceptual or Mental realm seems to support Numerical Possibility through supporting numerical unity-of-form, and on the other hand, the perceptual realm seems to do just the opposite in denying such possibility.

For, while Forms integrate on the perceptual level in an indivisible mode that resembles less numerical unity and more the absolute or Parmenidean Unity (the infinite oneness that cannot be numerically framed
or divided), they isolate on the conceptual level each in its own mental frame giving birth to the Numerical Possibility and statistical accountability.

It is rather interesting and somehow also ironic how Numerical Possibility (on the mental level) serves to preserve the absoluteness of each form's identity through framing and isolating it mentally and preventing it from melting in the other form, yet Numerical Impossibility on the physical level achieves just the opposite by dissolving and defying the absoluteness of each form's identity (through allowing it to conglomerate with other forms and causing forms altogether to appear as one giant soup referred to as The Physical Realm in which they mix and melt together loosing their identities to each other)?!!!

This Isolation of Forms on the mental level, yet Integration of their Particulars on the physical level, exposes an essential distinction between The Conceptual Realm and The Perceptual Realm worthy of noting at this point.

The question is: how could the mind identify, isolate & frame concepts using numerical impossibility, knowing that the Numerical Possibility itself cannot be possibly known or acquired through empirical experience. Nothing in nature resembles the Isolation that numerical possibility calls for - everything out there is meshed together in a soup that better serves to deny rather than resemble this possibility...

Thus, numerical possibility could not be acquired empirically, simply because nothing on the empirical level (in nature as we know it) resembles anything like it. 

Consequently, the Numerical Possibility must then be somehow innately encoded in the Mind prior to any perceptual or empirical  exposure.

This is in perfect harmony with Plato's conception of knowledge as being innate.

For now, it is enough to understand that The Perceptual Possibility cannot take form without a numerical context that the mind frames perceptual objects and experiences through, and this numerical context evidently emanates From The Mind Outwards (and not the other way around), transforming anything out there on the perceptual level into A Translation of Its Possibility causing the redness to appear in a frame of its own and the roundness and etc...

In short, anything perceivable primarily translates The Numerical One before translating anything else, by the mere fact that it rises into the level of perceptual identification.

Secondarily, it translates other mental forms that in themselves cannot be mentally identifiable without being as well isolated numerically, again by virtue of the Mind's same mysterious innate knowledge of the Numerical Possibility.

The question is: if this mysterious numerical possibility is a Mental Power of some sort that activates the Mind's ability to identify forms both conceptually and perceptually, the source of this power must then somehow be beyond the nature of the forms, otherwise it will have to be in itself isolated or numerically framed in Mind for what it is like any other form such as The Form Apple or The Form Justice;

and if forms supposedly account for everything existent both on the mental and the perceptual level, then there must be some logical connection between such power and the nature of forms - a link of some sort that relates this power to forms.

What could the nature of such connection be?

To answer this question, it is necessary to identify how the numerical possibility relate to the form. How does any numerical frame relate to the meaning or object framed within? 

Is the frame to be considered a natural part of the object itself, or is it a foreign element added unto the object as is a frame is added unto a painting, for the sole purpose of framing it and not for any essential purpose that bares relativity to the painting itself?

If so, is the frame then an object in itself?

And if the frame has its own form, then could it be framed?

And if so, what could possibly frame the frame and yet not be the frame itself?

All such questions and more require a deeper look unto the nature of Plato's Forms, especially the intermediary forms (that Plato associated with numbers and geometrical shapes) and that supposedly conjoins the conceptual realm with the perceptual.

If number is a category of forms, then wouldn't this category be superior to other categories?

if yes, how would it be superior and yet remain of the same kind - a form?

How could it possibly enter forms and yet somehow remain beyond forms?

And wouldn't such superiority reveal a certain hierarchal order of priority that rules the nature of forms?

Intermediary Forms:

Some Forms, according to Plato's theory, unlike the Form Apple or the Form Green, cannot be verified perceptually anywhere in nature or the physical realm.

For example, the Form justice or the Form goodness is a form that one clearly cannot empirically encounter or touch as one encounters an apple or a plant or a rock or a green object.

One could only authenticate the existence of such forms through a mental yes of some sort that cannot be tested for validity on any empirical level.

This ultimately raises doubt concerning the existence of such metaphysical forms in the absolute sense.

Consequently, such forms are usually considered highly relative and subjective...

In other words, the possibility of each person or situation possessing its own individual criterion of justice or goodness is a justifiable philosophical concern; and the existence of an absolute Form Goodness that supposedly accounts for all forms of relative instances of goodness in space & time is highly questionable based on the intangibility of such form.

The issue in simple words is whether one could ever claim the absoluteness of forms that cannot meet the eye; and if not, wouldn’t this raise questions over the Absoluteness of The Realm of Forms altogether?

The answer according to Plato:

There are some Forms that one cannot perceptually encounter anywhere in nature, and yet one cannot possibly doubt or deny their existence or validity.

Plato here particularly refers to Mathematical Forms (both Arithmetical and Geometrical). He defines those Forms as Intermediary Forms that reside somewhat halfway between the Seen and the Unseen - halfway between the perceptual objects (like an apple) and the purely conceptual objects (like justice or goodness).

Mathematical Forms (like circles and numbers), according to Plato, are non-tangible. There is no actual circle out there in nature that one could touch, neither is there a tree somewhere that bares a fruit called number 1.


However, Plato considers the existence of such forms to be patently obvious, appealing to pure mental logic and common-sense.

The Pyramid Khufu of Egypt for example is built to resemble a triangle, although there is no actual triangle out there in nature.

Number 1 for instance, not only influences but also constitutes all our perceptual experiences in space and time, even on the most physical levels; so much so, that blessed Pythagoras considered the universe to be made out of numbers.

Every object one sees one sees it in a numerical context in order to recognize its individuality and account for its particular presence.

In other words, any object one encounters in space & time appears as 1 before appearing as anything else, otherwise it could not be possibly identified on any level.

The question is: how could the perceiver see the 1 without ever actually seeing any object that could be referred to as being The Object 1 in space & time?

Mathematical Forms thus seem to influence both our conceptual ability to isolate ideas in mind and our perceptual ability to recognize objects in nature.

They seem to be present in everything we encounter, yet they are impossible to see.

They seem to somehow belong to both worlds, the physical & the metaphysical; and this renders them somewhat superior to other forms.

According to Plato, the possibility of Forms that we cannot encounter physically to exist in such undeniable way paves the way for the validity of purely metaphysical forms like beauty and justice to exist as well despite the fact that they cannot be visually verified in the way objects like an apple is verified.

The Form One and Perceiving Objects:

If there is a form among all mathematical forms worth examining, it must be indeed The Form One.

Unlike the Form Circle, to which certain objects in nature bare certain resemblance to (like the Sunflower's core for instance), nothing in nature bares any resemblance to The Form One.

There is nothing in the physical realm which one could lay his/her hands upon and say: I have a grip over The Particular Object One .

However, doubting the Absolute Existence of such Form, is like doubting the ability to perceive or conceive of anything.

For, without what appears to be The Mind's Innate Knowledge of The Form One, no particular empirical or conceptual experience of any sort could ever take form.

For example, when one perceives a particular apple in space x and time y, what the Mind seems to be doing prior to identifying or registering the image of the apple, is basically mentally attributing Numerical Identity to the Object at Hold primarily in order to isolate and verify its meaningful identity or What-ness on the Conceptual Level and secondarily in order to recognize its statistical particularity on the Perceptual Level (i.e. its relation to other objects around it that in some cases could be exactly similar to it).

In other words, The Form One, in this sense, is not merely a numerical tool of counting, but it is the Frame-of-Context without which no Identity could ever emerge or withhold for what it means in the first place, prior to even emerging as a countable statistical object.

Thus, anytime one sees any object, one is basically seeing The Form One in disguise.

This renders The Form One the most ancient and superior form of all forms, because all other forms seem to follow it descriptively and no other form could ever emerge without it. 

To put it in simpler terms, The Form One could be compared to Sunlight in relation to Vision .

It is a power that is somehow emanated from the Mind (The Metaphysical Internal Sun), and directed outwards, permeating knowledge of all objects on all levels, yet never appearing as a knowledgeable object in itself.

In conclusion, without the mind's pre-knowledge of The Form One, no perception or conception of any sort could ever take form, because any object of perception or conception must be contained within a Frame-of-Unity or Oneness in order to be identified both as a Meaningful Identity and as a Statistical Object.

So, wait a moment!!! lets rephrase what we got here:

In order to perceive any object  in space & time, the perceiver needs to first mentally identify and authorize a Form which the Mind seems to innately validate as existent and yet which vision cannot actually see or verify anywhere in space & time!!!

Isn't this another way of admitting that forms could be Absolute beyond empirical verification and that knowledge of Forms is ultimately innate beyond empirical experience?!!

Such admittance is conclusive on many levels, and it carries very positive implications over the validity of the Absolute Existence of purely metaphysical Forms like Beauty, Justice and Goodness etc...

For, such forms are not any more metaphysical in nature than The Form One which seems to so obviously exist and beyond any reasonable doubt.

The Form One and Perceiving Motion:

Not only perceiving objects, but also perceiving motion of any kind seems to require pre-knowledge of the Form One.

Consider the basic motion of an apple falling from a tree unto the ground:

If a motion-picture camera is to tape a second worth of such motion, it would require a sequential order made up of at a number of frames / second - 24/Second for example - each numerically separated from the other;

The ability to register or recognize such motion on the screen would rely on human-vision's ability to somehow register each and every frame separately and somehow recognize the difference between each frame and the one that comes after in order to recognize the change in the apple's position in space - which ultimately accounts for recognizing the overall motion.

In other words, to say that regular vision is capable of recognizing the mechanism of such screen-motion is another way of saying that it is capable of identifying each singular frame out of the 24 and comparing it to the frame before and the frame after.  

Viewing a screen segment of such motion is an experience not that different in terms of the mathematics and mechanism of perception from that of a real life experience,


The perceiver in a real-life experience is basically using the same faculty of sight to see the same type of motion. 

From here, one could safely assume that:

Prerequisite to the eye's ability to register sight of any motion on the empirical level is some form of innate or mental pre-knowledge of the Form One.

To even perceive any given motion within any frame of meaning such as the frame of The Apple Falling from a Tree, one requires a numerical frame of some sort in order to separate this instance from other instances or occurrences that takes form simultaneously and momentarily everywhere one looks around.

Thus, not only perceiving the mechanism of motion relies on the numerical possibility, but also placing such mechanism within any frame of context or meaning relies on this possibility as well.

It all simply relies on the Mind's innate knowledge of the Form One.

The Form One:

The Form One, in the Platonic logic, must not be confused for The Numerical 1.

The nature of such Form is simply beyond number.

Blessed Parmenides of Elea spoke of such nature when he described in his famous poem the:

 "One that is absolute, eternal and beyond limitations -
the One that has no beginning and no end,
that is neither created nor destroyed..."

Such Oneness reflects an Indivisible form of WHOLENESS that almost resembles the infinite frameless nature of space...

As already mentioned in the early chapters, knowledge is hierarchal in nature, and each level of knowledge translates the level that precedes in this hierarchy i.e. Conception translates Consciousness, and Perception translates Conception etc...

The more the translation descends from one level to the other, the more it becomes less faithful to the original meaning.

When we speak of the Platonic Forms, we speak of the Realm of Conception, which basically translates the Pythagorean Unity: the frameless unity that is reflective of the nature of Consciousness.

In turn, when we speak of the Aristotlean Forms, we speak of the Realm of Perception which translates the Platonic Unity : the numerical unity that is reflective of the nature of Thought.

Remember that in the LAW of Gnosis: Knowledge = Translation,

And, anything that is translated is somehow DISGUISED in the process.

The Creator is disguised by the Wholly MIND, and the Wholly MIND is disguised by the Wholly SOUL, and the Wholly SOUL is disguised by the Wholly WORD and etc... = The Frameless ONE is disguised by The Numerical 1, and the Numerical 1 is disguised by the 3-Dimensional Extremities of particulars... etc..

Any Platonic Form, such as The Form Apple or The Form Tree or The Form Mountain or The Form Beauty etc.., translates a unity that is more reflective of the Uniqueness of the Original Framelss ONENESS that Parmenides spoke of.

Accordingly, any Identity acquires a Meaningful-Frame-of-Unity that accounts for its PLATONIC SIGNIFICANCE TO KNOWLEDGE (ITS WHAT-NESS) prior to acquiring a Numerical Frame of 1-ity to account for its Aristotlean Significance (its spacio-temporal condition or statistical presence and accountability as a physical object in space & time).

Number itself, as an Identity, projects an absolute Platonic meaning, prior to carrying any numerical implications...

Number is a meaning in itself that is beyond numerical implications in the same way as color projects a meaning that is beyond redness or whiteness or yellowness etc....

Color, as a Platonic Form, is translated on the Aristotlean or Perceptual Level through the redness, yellowness or whiteness of any particular object and is confirmed through an immediate visible encounter with this object etc...

On the other hand, the Numerical 1, unlike color, is not immediately confirmed on the physical level as is redness or yellowness.

It is rather translated perceptually through a cognitive process of reducing a given objects' extremities in space & time to a numerical 1.

Accordingly, all objects in space and time (that possess physical extremities) are potentially reducible into equal and neutral units of number (referred to as numerical instances), regardless of how those extremities relate to those objects' meaning or Platonic form.

All objects in this sense, regardless of their identities, are somehow equal to each other by virtue of their numerical value.

A little ant is not any less numerically 1 than the grand SUN...

Thus one could say that numerical 1-ness is neutral to the object's expressive form or Platonic Significance that ultimately relates this object to Higher levels of Meaning or Knowledge (consciousness).

Any object is simply treated as a statistical possibility.

Its relativity of numerical 1-ness to the object reflects only one form of relativity which is how matter interacts with the nature of space under the assumption that space is an empty container.

Accordingly, any object is somehow generalized in terms of its occupational presence in space, and then this presence is reduced into a numerical unit or value called number.

All objects, regardless of their shapes, sizes or meaning, are basically equal numerically.

The tendency to treat all objects as equal in any sense reflects a very deceptive level of translation that becomes highly distractive as it resonates cognitively on the level of thought.

As you will discover later on, treating all thoughts equally by virtue of their numerical status in the mind is a very destructive psychological tendency.

For now, it is enough to understand that the Realm of Forms is Hierarchal in nature, which is contrary to what the numerical logic reflects in its finality. Beyond what is observed about the nature of Plato's Forms so far, this is one important observation worth mentioning at this point.

Seeing how certain forms like the Form One influences the conceptual experience at large, and comparing such Form to other Forms like the Form Apple or Mountain, one cannot but notice The Hierarchal Order of Priority that rules the nature of Forms.

For example, the Form Red is not the same as The Form One. We've just given an example on how the Form Red could be translated upon any visible encounter with a red object. The Form One, on the other hand, is translated on all levels of encounter at all times.

Whenever any identity of any sort emerges conceptually or perceptually, the Form One is translated.

In other words, the Form One is more prevalent and skeletal than the Form Red.

In turn, the Form Red is more prevalent than the Form Apple.

Consider the difference between the Form Red and the Form Apple: Redness layers upon many red objects in space and time, while Apple-ness doesn't layer save upon very limited and specific objects referred to as apples ..etc...

The Form Two = The Birth of the Numerical 1:

It is already clear that anytime the mind perceives any given object in space & time, the mind somehow translates the 3-dimensional extremities of this object into a numerical value (a numerical 1) or maybe recognize the relativity of those extremities with the numerical 1.

What is yet unclear is the underlying logic behind such translation.

In order to translate the extremities of a given object into a numerical 1, the mind indirectly translates the space around this object into a Relative or a Meaningful Emptiness (a numerical 0).

This zero is supposedly highlighted by the way physical objects in general interact with space, and in this sense, there are practically as many 0s as there are objects (1s) in space.

Later, we will reveal the absurdity of such logic, as we dive deeper into the nature of Space and the 1 vs. 0 Polarity.

However, for now:

Imagine a universe made up of infinite space and only one object in it, would it make any sense in such a universe to reduce this object into a numerical value?

Would the tendency to do so still exist?

Wouldn't numerical possibility itself in such a universe be under questioning?

For, there would not exist any physical representation of what accounting in terms of number means?

However, considering that knowledge is innate and not acquired, one could still assume that numerical possibility would some how still linger somewhere?

However, even in such a case, numerical possibility would still seize to be known for what it is; because, according to the Law of Gnosis or Knowledge, anything that enters the realm of existence must enter the realm of knowledge and consequently must somehow be translated; otherwise, it might as well not exist altogether... 

In order for the concept of number to be translated in any universe, it requires at least two objects in space. We are here precisely referring to the spacio-temporal extremities of those two objects and the relative emptiness that stands as a deceptive zero in between.

In other words, one could think of the origin of number as an aftermath or a byproduct of an ethereal-silhouette-like-emptiness that pauses as an object in itself between the two objects.

Consequently, not only Numerical Oneness but also Numerical Two-ness (as a concept) transcends number in precedence and priority; because, number, for what it seems to stand for in terms of being a tool of  accountability (an accounting tool), is somehow totally reliant upon the pre-existence of the concept of The Relative Other. 

This is not to be confused for implying that Two-ness translates number, because then two-ness would be as inferior to number as the translation is to the object translated; but rather, what is really meant here is that number itself as a concept (prior to its numerical implications) emerges in its most original form as a translation of the nature of two-ness.

In other words, The form Two precedes The Form Number in the Hierarchy of Forms.

So what would Two-ness be prior to being a numerical value?

Two-ness, like any other concept, in order for it to be recognized as an Identity of its own, must somehow reflect a form of unity - it must somehow be a unified meaning by itself, before being what it is numerical-wise.

This is simply how any identity or meaning emerges into knowledgeable existence.

In order for two-ness to be as such, it must somehow reflect The One (unity) prior to carrying any numerical implications (i.e. prior to representing the mathematics of 1 + 1).

If Two-ness is to ever translate Unity in such a way, it would have to translate the possibility of a form of division or separation that is relative to the ONE (The Original Oneness and not the numerical 1).

However, such form of frameless ONENESS (that supposedly also exists before number), is obviously indivisible... 

The only image of division or separation that could possibly bare any form of relativity to such ONENESS must be reflective of that which characterizes how The Absolute Unity of Consciousness is translated by The Duality of Knowledge (The Knower vs. The Object of Knowledge) which is reflected earlier in the divine order of trinities - it would have to reflect the Divine Order of Spiritual Creation...

However, the only logical justification for the emergence of Two-ness for the sole purpose of translating Oneness, is if the two-ness somehow works against its own nature so as to project an overall image of Unity.

In other words, in the Gnostic truth-in-Finality, the only way Two-ness could possibly relate to ONENESS is in as much as Duality could possibly serves to translate the nature of INDIVISIBLE UNITY, which is basically another way of saying in as much as two-ness succeeds in denying its own numerical possibility...

Remember this point, because it highlights the skeletal logic around which is built the Far Eastern line of thought that advocates renunciation of duality as the only path to authentic unity (unity = non-dualism)

According to this Far Eastern line of thought, the path to the ultimate ONENESS that constitutes Consciousness or Existence is not through a method of adding 1 + 1 = 2 (A Piece of Knowledge + A Piece of Knowledge = leads to = Consciousness), but  rather  Not 2 = 1.

What this Not 2 basically translates into is = No to The Knower as 1 & No to the The Object of Knowledge as another 1 =  YES TO UNITY IN ITS MOST ORIGINAL FORM (CONSCIOUSNESS)...

The practice of this magical mantra, according to the Far Eastern mind, requires increasing your mental ability to focus on one thought as a preliminary way of training the mind to renounce anything it identifies as numerically 1, which basically means ultimately renouncing the overall logic-of-causality that influences the emergence of the  numerical 1 on any level ... It also means denying the validity of the addition method altogether i.e. exterior events do not progress informatively but rather descriptively, and the description is not all that necessary to the essential existence of the object described...

The method is to renounce all numerical instance even if this means to ultimately renounce renunciation itself based on the formula of  No No  = Yes (An Ultimate Negation of Negation itself translates into a circle of existence Surrounded by the giant Overflow of YES on all levels) CONSCIOUSNESS...

The idea is that in allowing the numerical 1 to emerge on the level of thought you are creating a reason for experiencing its translation on the level of perception.

Remember, according to the metaphysical nature of Adam's fall (as introduced earlier), the original sin revolves around a Moment of Blindness in which the Wholly Mind envisions His self as numerically separate from The Creator.

Allowing the emergence of the numerical 1 on any mental level translates the mathematics of this ancient error on all levels.

This is the magic of how eternity interacts momentarily with space & time, superimposing its logic upon it in every second.

For, every Adamic Mind is still tasting the bite of that same bitter poisonous apple that Adam supposedly tasted on behalf of humanity at large in some alleged edenic past.

The mind, in allowing the numerical 1 to emerge, it is constantly allowing itself to be in a mode-of-admittance to the presence of duality and approval for this duality to be translated on all deceptive levels, which automatically means living in a constant mode of denial of the presence of the real ONE which is the only form of presence that justifies the mind's presence in the 1st place = SELF DENIAL

Thus, the Soul (which is the thinking mind we are referring to here) is being unfaithful to the translation or to the reason why it was created in the 1st place.

On the Gnostic level, this means being severed or separated from the source of life or what is biblically referred to as The Fountain of Life or EDEN. 

It means that the Mind, as A Knower, is  separated from the 1st Object of Knowledge (The Creator) by The Frame of Two-ness (casting one's self outside the context of BEING IN EDEN WHERE FATHER & SON DWELL TOGETHER AS ONE and instead being imprisoned within the context of the "Adamic Fall".

We've already explained in the early chapters how the behavioral tendency to conceive of the One or frame the One mentally casts the trinity of knowledge outside consciousness, and how a behavioral perception influenced by such tendency ultimately casts the trinity even further away down from its conscious origin.

Points to Remember:

Framing the One numerically is an ancient behavioral tendency that the mind practices momentarily through thought.

In doing so, it translates The Nature of the Original Sin which originally cast Adam out of heaven.

The most ancient and original  Image of Separation is a separation that comes in the form of a dream-like experience in which the Wholly Mind envisions himself numerically separate from The Creator, and thus, the mathematics of this separation are translated on all levels of knowledgeable existence that would follow.

Space & Time:

As already explained, numerical experience on the perceptual level is strongly related to the nature of space and how physical objects interact with this nature.

When Plato categorized Forms, he stopped at the Form SPACE and considered it as very unique and special.

Consider SPACE:

If Forms like infinity or absoluteness are to ever be translated perceptually (in compliance with the Law of Knowledge), the closest image to such translation would be an Image of Space.

Can one say existence exists somewhere in particular or eternity happens at time x or infinity is countable or absoluteness is surmountable?

Similarly, can one say Space falls in a given space?

Space is what seems to underlie all the particularities of objects in the physical realm, yet the question is:

Is it ever a particular Object in itself? 
Could it ever be verified as an object irrelative to its containing nature?
Could it ever be accounted for numerically, knowing that numerical possibility requires physical extremities to be translated into knowledgeable existence?

Does the Space within the Occupation of a given Object x differ from the Space without (outside object x)?

The space within seems disguised by the Object's physical particularity (3-dimensional form), however, does this make such space particular in it self?

If yes, then: is this particular space considered an Emptiness of Objects made full by the Object, or is it a Fullness of Space  squeezed empty by the Object?

And consider if there were no objects in space to begin with:

would the concept of emptiness itself be translated into knowledgeable existence on any level? Or is such image of space as being equal to emptiness not absolute but strictly relative to the way objects interact with space on a particular level?

Could one consider the space immediately outside the occupation of an object as apparent? or is it only delusively highlighted into some form of acknowledgeable presence by the 3-dimensional form of the Object itself. If so, such space would only be recognized as apparent by virtue of the empty vs. full polarity that is strictly specific to the relativity of objects to the nature of space and never in any absolute sense?

So, if you have ever thought that the Absoluteness of the Platonic Realm of Forms as mind boggling, you must not go far in your imagination? 

Behold  SPACE… It is a real-life translation of what Absoluteness could look or feel like…

However, knowing that it is in the nature of translation to always bare some form of a twist that ultimately disguises the truth of the original meaning being translated, you should behold space cautiously...  

Consider Time:

Time seems very similar to space in its nature. Can one say space falls in space x. Similarly, can one say Time happens at time x?

It sounds absurd doesn't it?

Time, in its infinite nature, resembles Space... One can consider Time as the Mind's Infinity: The Mental Space...

Mental Forms or Thoughts fall within the Mind's Space.

Thoughts, like objects, could be said to have extremities of some sort, otherwise the mind would not be able to register any form of awareness to any given thought, which means basically the mind never being aware of thinking.

As already explained, the extremities of physical objects in space translate numerical possibility on a perceptual level, through formulating relative spatial intervals in between.: object 0 object 0 object 0 etc...

Similarly, there seems to be some kind of a cognitive interval - a particular emptiness of some sort that separates among thoughts on the mental level.

Let us refer to this interval as: a relative mental space that initially falls between at least two thoughts in mind: thought 0 thought 0 thought 0 etc....

If the concept of time is to ever be translated at any knowledgeable level, it would have to translate through the nature of such mental space which gives birth to numerical possibility in its most raw and virgin form.

Thus, one could think of time as a mental continuum similar to space that is somehow divided numerically through thoughts into relative mental numerical units - later generalized and reduced into equal units of value like minutes or seconds.

The same way, space (as a continuum) is divided by physical objects into relative spaces.

However, remember, neither space nor time are divisible into absolute equal units.

We have already revealed how number cannot possibly be what it claims to be in terms of representing unitary equality of some sort, by showing how the extremities of objects in space which account for numerical value are particulars that cannot ever be  identical to each other  in the absolute numerical sense of equality needed to reduce those extremities into equal units of value (even if we're talking two same-sized green apples).

Similarly, thoughts (being the mental objects), cannot be identical to each other in any absolute numerical sense in order for  time (The mental space) to be divided by them into absolute values like minutes or seconds.

Blessed Aristotle, in his physics, spoke extensively on this subject, and he gave an example on how one thought could seem like eternity (time-wise) if one is absorbed by it and how an abrupt motion in thought could stir numerical wakefulness which ultimately accentuate awareness of time, and how an acceleration in such motion generally speeds up the mind's awareness to time.

The ultimate example to such awareness is counting seconds in mind. In doing so one is basically thinking 60 thoughts per minute..

The Numerical One and the Form ZERO: 000110101000001111111111111111111111110000000

Numerical oneness, as already shown, is translated on the perceptual level through the 3-dimensional extremities of objects in space & time.

Numerical Two-ness, in turn , is translated perceptually through a space interval between 2 objects that reflects a mental image of separation...

The question is: what translates the numerical zero-ness?

Zero-ness, assuming that it exists conceptually, in order to possess any knowledgeable existence, must somehow be translated perceptually.

Zero, on the conceptual level, represents some form of NUMERICAL NON-EXISTENCE or EMPTINESS.

Before examining the possibility of such emptiness on the mental level, let us see if there is anything out there in nature or the physical realm that could possibly translate such emptiness or even resemble it in any way.

One need not search far or long...

The possibility of such emptiness translated externally, obviously revolves around the nature of SPACE.

In other words, space seems to be the only existing identity out there that could possibly resemble or reflect the concept of zero.

However, Space is not  inherently empty in the zero-sense.

Emptiness of Space is only relative to the way physical objects interact visually with the nature of space;

one could only say a particular emptiness-of-space is made full by a particular-object, which is like saying this particular space could be as well emptied from this object.

If space is inherently empty, it could not then be "emptied", for, how could emptiness be emptied and yet still be considered emptiness?

To understand this point better, imagine a world where there is only space and no objects in it, would emptiness as a possibility in itself translate on any level in such a world?

And, if space is only empty in relation to a particular fullness, how could emptiness contain fullness? how could that which is supposedly "0" (zero) contain "1" inside it?

However, on the other hand, If space does not have what it takes to account for zero-ness on the perceptual level? What does account for it then?

One could argue that numerical-oneness, even though unseen, is still somehow accounted for Perceptually through the 3-dimensional extremities of particular objects in space.

However, what accounts for numerical-emptiness in space and time?



What could possibly account for zero-ness?






Thus, the universe according to such image of zero-ness is like the negative of a photo: space in it is like one big solid object which is carved hollow by zero-objects in it that are supposedly molded of a substance called emptiness.

This sounds absurd, doesn't it?

What is even more absurd is that zero-ness, on one hand, is a concept built on the assumption that Space = Emptiness, and on the other hand this emptiness is somehow treated like an actual object or a particular fullness of some sort

Blessed Plotinus, in his Enneads,  alluded to this delusive identity of zero-ness when he spoke of the metaphysical nature of evil. He defined such nature as being:

"The Form Not-NESS clinging on to affairs..."

further describing it as:

 "The delusive Absence of Form in the wake of the obvious Presence of Form..."

In other words, Plotinus compares zero-ness to a a state of Not-Ness On the Shape & Form of the Object.

This Not-ness uses the numerical possibility of this particular object in order to claim some form of an absolute identity for itself.

As for the reason why Plotinus associates the nature of Zero-ness or Not-ness with the nature of Evil-ness:

Zero-ness sustains its delusive presence through utilizing a particular Object's Form for the ultimate purpose of Denying this very form that is supposedly granting it with its presence and breathing life and sustenance to it...

This pattern of behavior, in itself, translates the meaning of self-destruction i.e. to use what makes you alive in order to kill it...

For, while, an object's obvious presence cannot be denied or negated perceptually, it could be doubted mentally, and this is exactly what zero-ness translates into: DOUBT.

Doubt is made of the mental possibility of a mental-not-ness or zero existing outside on the perceptual level, and it is a vicious circle which breeds in a mental environment causing Cognitive Noise that translates perceptually into demented or disturbed behavior.

Anything that emerges as numerically 1 on the conceptual level is immediately faced by a repelling thought that represents zero-ness and which claims the power-to-negate or delete this numerical 1.

In reality, Space ,which supposedly represents emptiness does behave as such - it does not delete or repel objects, on the contrary it embraces and contain them.

However, as this thought is translated perceptually (in compliance with the law of translation), it is faced by the obvious presence of the object in space which is a reality that cannot be emptied or deleted, however it could only be doubted for a second.

This is the exact mathematics of evil: DOUBT...

Understanding this point is pivotal  because it reveals the WISDOM behind THIS PHYSICAL REALM WHICH IS ON SOME LEVEL CONSIDERED A PRODUCT OF A MISTAKE,


We have just given an example on how the physical possibility (that is supposedly a fallen or diverted translation of the metaphysical possibility) could possibly defy the evil (the repelling nature of zero-ness) and diffuse it into mere doubt.

This is one obviously positive attribute of the physical nature, and understanding it leads to understanding:

Why the Creator in his Limitless Nature wished something that ultimately led to the existence of this Physically Limited World?

LET us take this analogy one step deeper into the MENTAL SPACE: TIME

We have seen the maximum that zero-ness could translate into perceptually or physically. We have yet to examine what accounts for its metaphysical presence in mind in the first place.

The supposition that emptiness could possibly exist mentally (in the mind somewhere) revolves around the nature of TIME, specifically time's numerical nature....

The concept of time has changed across history. In the ancient Greek times, Aristotle associated time with motion, and he linked this motion with the notion of change that takes form on the level of thought i.e. awareness of time originated from one's awareness to the change that takes form on the level of thought.

Previously, this change used to be represented by a smooth overall motion like the motion of sand in the hour glass. Later on it grew to resemble more of an abrupt motion like the motion of the ticking arms of a clock. In the modern digital age, it has grown to be even more and more numerical so as to exhibit complete separation between the fractions of this motion...It came to resemble the process of counting 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  etc...

Between each number counted and the other seems to be some form of an emptiness, a pause or an abrupt end or an interval of some sort, as though each number is being created momentarily from nothingness rather than representing something that is changing as in the case of the Sand...

This represents a dramatic form of change that is not the case with the the movement of sand and is less of a case with the clock's circular motion...

With the notion of counting associated with time's motion,  motion has never been more horizontal rather than circular

The notion that thoughts could exist in a time-order numerical mode (i.e. 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 infinitely) gives rise to the notion of The Mind's Infinity (Time).

The possibility of a given thought being somehow separate from another nourishes the possibility of a mental interval of some sort made out of emptiness or zero-ness similar to the space interval that separates between two objects.

In other words, 1+1+1+1+1 = 101010101...

We have spoken of a hierarchal order that rules the nature of Forms.

We've also spoken of how the priority and importance in such order is measured by the degree to which each form seems to influence perceptual possibility.

For example, we compared the Form Red to the Form Apple, and we discovered that the Form Red projects its presence upon many objects - practically as many red objects as there are in space, while the Form Apple  projects a presence only upon limited and specific objects in space referred to as apples.

We concluded from this example that the Form Red somehow prevails over the Form Apple or have a more special status in the hierarchy of forms.

We have also examined how this hierarchy of forms seems to integrate on the perceptual level in an inseparable mode in such a way where the Form Red enters or layers upon the Form Apple and cannot possibly be extracted from it...

On the other hand, we've discussed how the Form One is even more important and prevalent than the Form Red since it somehow enters any perceptual activity i.e.any identity that rises partake its unity-of-form from the Form One...

What is ultimately concluded from examining the nature of this order is basically: The more a Form enters the basic mathematics of perceptual mechanism and possibility, the more it prevails over other forms.

One further observation is worth mentioning at this point is that also: the more a Form prevails, the more inseparable it is from the basic matrix or fabric of the perceptual experience - accordingly the more it seems to resemble less and less the numerical 1 and instead resemble more and more a much higher form of oneness.

For example, The Form Apple have more defined extremities in space & time than the Form Red which is almost most of the time parasitic upon other forms. The define extremities of the Apple represent the concept of numerical isolation better than the form red-ness or form roundness do. The latter forms layer upon object in a less extractable mode and do not accurately reflect numerical isolation.

Ultimately, the Form One has the least defined extremities in space, and it bares the least resemblance to the numerical 1, that it almost resembles everything and nothing at same time, and it layers so deeply upon the matrix of perceptual experience that all other forms seem to disguise it to the extent that it has no numerical presence at all....

Like light it is, it permeates vision of all objects yet never stand out as an object in itself...

We can go on forever providing examples that would further translate this nature of the order that rules The Hierarchy of Forms. However, for now, it is important to bring our effort into conclusive grounds that bare relevancy to what zero-ness amounts to conceptually.

One could say that the same order than rules the nature of Forms on the physical level, rules the nature of Forms mentally, because The Physical translates The Mental.

Thoughts integrate in mind and layer upon each other in a mode that reflects this order of importance. They integrate mentally with one another in the same way as greenness and roundness integrate within the apple in space.

A thought Y could carry another thought X within it in the same way an apple carries greenness within it.

In other words, thoughts are inter-connected to each other in a nuclear mode that reflects the nature of Forms.

According to the above diagram, conceiving of Thought A = conceiving of Thought B C D & E simultaneously.

However, the numerical possibility that allows for distinguishing between a particular Thought C and another Thought E in mind gives the impression that thoughts could be separated from each by some imaginary space or interval.

This form of separation however does not carry any Imperative Logic anymore than noticing the redness in an apple separately from the roundness is logically essential to noticing the apple itself. On the contrary, it could be considered an element of distraction that (for a second) seems to enforce its presence on the expense of  perceiving the totality of the apple itself.

A given thought could be distinguished in mind from another thought by virtue of a certain uniqueness similar to how greenness is distinguished from roundness on the perceptual level.

In this sense, the Frame-of-oneness responsible for this given thought standing out NUMERICALLY on the mental level, is no more separable from the thought itself than the 3-dimensional silhouette of an apple in space is separable from the apple's totality.

In other words, the 3-D extremities a given object in space is not a mere frame to this object as The Numerical Possibility seems to project. This form is inseparable from the object itself and is an essential constituent of the object's expressive identity and not merely a dead frame that accounts for the object's statistical or numerical presence.

  However, what we are after here is not what accounts for any thought's numerical possibility in mind, but rather what accounts for zero-ness in Mind. The question is:

Is Zero-ness translated mentally by:

a state of an absolute absence of thought

or is it merely translated through:

the thought of zero-ness itself

or perhaps:

the presence of a thought that rises as numerically distinct only in terms of its lack of content?

And if the numerical frame is supposedly comprised of the extremities of a given object (and hence is inseparable from the object's expressive or meaningful form), what makes zero-ness, which supposedly should mean the absence of content, enforce a numerical presence in mind?

In other words: what could possibly account for  the presence of a thoughtless thought or a frameless frame or an imageless image in mind?

Would such thought, if it existed mentally, be really a particular thought in mind. or would it be the thought of a mental possibility that justifies its existence by the mere possibility of being thinkable? 

Seeing how thoughts integrate on the mental level in a nuclear mode in such a way where there is no actual mental vacancy or interval between a given Thought B and a given Thought C that could possibly justify any directional or sequential timely numerical order of 101010101010101010,
and knowing that such interval would be similar to the imaginary frame vision places around the eyes or the nose that belong to the same face, which in no way prevents the whole face from happening all at once,
one cannot but questions the validity of numerical logic on the mental level.

The mere fact that one could focus attention on the eyes does not rule out the immediate presence of all the other facial features and most importantly the face altogether.

In other words, there is no real interval of emptiness or zero-ness between the eyes and the nose, neither is there such a thing as zero-state-of-thought that separates between a particular thought and another.

The mind, even when thinking of nothing, it would still be thinking of something. Consequently, Forms not only are inseparable on the physical level but also on the mental level as well.

This numerical possibility which we spoke of earlier as impossible on the perceptual level, turns out to be not necessarily an inherent nature of the conceptual realm either,

However, it seemingly appears more mysterious and vague on the level of thoughts than it is on the physical level, not because it exists mentally anymore than it does physically, but because, mentally, it has more fertile grounds for harnessing the deceptive logic of its illusory presence.

The logic behind this premise will be gradually exposed as we go along introducing The Unique Fifth Science.

For now, it is enough to understand that the underlying logic that supports the possibility of zero-ness relies on the possibility of the existence of some form of absolute opposition or absolute repellency in such a way where the two opposites are so intolerant to each other that one must delete the other, and while its harder for such possibility to translate perceptually (since nothing in nature out there resembles such possibility not even space), it is less hard to translate conceptually. For, the realm of thought is the only realm where possibilities could enforce a potential presence without necessary materializing in actuality. Understanding this point is Key to understanding the logic of Possibility which will be surveyed in greater depth in The Unique Fifth Science...  

If zero-ness has no absolute form of its own, and there is no such thing as a mental emptiness or deletion of thoughts, then zero-ness in mind must build its delusive presence based on some relative form of numerical emptiness which emerges along with the emergence of the numerical fullness manifesting through any meaningful thought.

Assuming that a given Thought F emerges in mind (in the same way as an object emerge in space) possessing a numerical presence and occupying a particular mental space at a given time; and, considering how zero-ness on the perceptual level translates through a ghost-like object that somehow resides underneath the actual object in space (taking the exact form of that object and utilizing its exact same 3D extremities), what then would zero-ness be in relation to this mental numerical object referred to as "Thought"? What accounts for a particular mental hollowness that comes on the exact particular form of a given thought and only stays as long as this given thought stays and ultimately disappears with it?

The answer should be something like an exactly similar thought to Thought F that utilizes the unique particularity of  thought F strictly in a numerical sense to sustain its illusive presence.

The underlying logic that supports such cognitive behavior is a psychological belief in the irrelevancy between the numerical frame of a thought and its unique content or expressive form that makes it rise numerically in the first place. Again, this is like saying that the 3-d silhouette of an apple in space (which constitutes its numerical frame of presence) has nothing to do with the apple itself.

This absurd assertion in itself translates the logic of zero-ness, because zero-ness thrives on a form of separateness between the extremities of the object (which constitute its numerical frame) and the full matrix of the object (that constitutes its meaningful identity i.e. its expressive and dynamic form which reflects how this object fit within the matrix-of-forms).

This virtual separateness doesn't really exist save in the cognitive assumption of its existence itself, and assuming it exists is like assuming that non-existence exists... Just because the mind is capable of wording a given thought like non-existence exists does not mean that their is life or meaning in this thought, and thinking that something is possible does not make it carry the element of possibility if there is no mental image to support such possibility. However, the mind is capable of breathing form into hollow thoughts the more it  is numerically pressured to focus on those thoughts as present, not knowing that the only agency that provides those thoughts their presence is the activity of thinking itself ...  In other words, it is like assuming that a thoughtless thought could stand and hold on its own and in itself by the mere fact that there is a numerical possibility.

Thus, the Zero-State-of-a-Thought F would have to be:  an underlying NO that emerges with the numerical emergence of thought F. The possibility of this NO emerging is a default of language....

The underlying logic that supports this absurd assumption is basically: The Possibility of the numerical frame existing on its own without the thought's content, which indirectly means the possibility of the content not-existing.

The logic of this assertion implies that the frame is what brings the meaning into existence and it has the power to delete the meaning as well.

To comprehend the absurdity of such logic:  imagine that this hollow or empty object underneath the 3-D form of a particular apple x in space could exist independently of this apple's existence.

In such case, what would make this particular space any different from the infinite space surrounding it?

Accordingly, how could the Mind authenticate the presence of a thought that has no particular content - a Thought that justifies its hollow particularity by the mere possibility of engaging the mind in the possibility of thinking of it?...

Consequently, if the zero-state of a given Thought Y is to mean anything on the cognitive level, it would have to mean nothing but a NEGATION or a NEGATIVE THOUGHT that negates thought Y only by virtue of its numerical possibility, yet it claims as though it has the power to negate the expressive form or the meaningful content itself which is impossible. For, how could it possibly negate Thought Y in terms of content or expressive value when in reality it is totally blind to such dimension-of-presence? It only comes hand in hand with numerical awareness...

In conclusion: anytime the Mind focuses on a given thought's numerical dimension treating it in terms of its dead weight-of-presence inside the mental space, the mind is automatically distracted from its dynamic power as an expressive form that fits within a greater Matrix-of-Meaning, and instead, the Mind's vision becomes divided and fragmented by intervals supposedly made of numerical emptiness ZERO-NESS.

The whole process cognitively starts in the form of  I a aware that I am thinking of thought Y and ends in the form of  I doubt the content of thought Y just in virtue of the mere possibility of thinking that Thought Y could've not existing numerically... 

From here, the more the mind lingers upon the numerical presence of a given Thought, the more the Mind is distracted and deprived from the expressive power of this thought, the more the mind sustains a numerical awareness that nourishes the role of the Zero: MENTAL DOUBT - that NO that comes in all forms and shapes and degrees of negativity ...

This calls for a cognitive discrimination between A Thought that Frames Meaning and A Thought that Frames a Frame Devoid of Meaning: A Conscious Thought and A Behavioral Thought...

A Conscious Thought frames an image made of actual identity that fit within a greater Matrix-of-Meaning, sort of like the way that roundness fits within the Matrix of the Apple's Identity etc...

A Behavioral Thought, on the other hand, is devoid of any image. It is a JUDGMENTAL thought that assumes the validity of THE BEHAVIOR OF JUDGING ONENESS or IDENTITY based on the possibility of the existence of ZERO-NESS, which is the biggest and most sever judgment in time, because it judges Existence for bearing the possibility of Non-Existing, giving birth to the most original and deceptive form of contrariety that later develops into more religious forms like Good & Evil etc..

In reality, we've already shown how the very nature of existence is intolerant to any form of contrariety... For example, An APPLE is an APPLE. One cannot judge apple in terms of being what it is. In this sense it is neutral to judgment. To say Not Apple or to mentally add the Word NO to An Apple does not delete the meaning of the Apple or alter anything in the Expressive Form of the Apple. It rather merely uses the deceptive empty appearance of Space to endorse the possibility of the emptiness of the APPLE ...  

Consider the Thought: I am Happy in this place...

The ZERO-STATE-OF-THIS-THOUGHT is the Thought: I am thinking that the Thought I am Happy in this Place exists.

This automatically Implies that I am over-thinking the Thought that I am happy in this place, which in turn implies that I doubt the existence of such thought, otherwise I would not over-think the obvious...

However can I doubt the meaning of happiness itself?


somehow in mind, doubting the Thought that I am Happy is confused for doubting the existence of Happiness itself which implies the possibility of a form of Judgment over Identity which is logically impossible... 

I am thinking that the Thought I am Happy in this place exists = Happiness doesn't exist which is similar to saying An APPLE and then adding a Judgmental NO to it as though this magic NO could delete or change anything about the Form Apple itself ...

To put it in simpler terms, the Negatory Thought engages the mind in a behavioral mode referred to as DOUBT, while the Authentic Thought silently projects a Meaningful Image which promotes mental vision an not mental behavior, and learning how to differentiate between the two is KEY to comprehending the Magic of the Unique Fifth Science.

The Negatory Thought behaves as though it has absolute power over the content of the Images that it negates just by the mere fact that the Imageless Image of ZERO or NONEXISTENCE is confused in mind for being an actual opposite to existence and thus is confused for being meaningful in itself independent of existence.

However, if you compare the opposition between two meaningful opposites like Black & White to the opposition between Existence & Non-existence , you will discover how the former relies on Meaningful Imagery while the latter don't.

Black & White are relatively opposite and not absolutely opposite. They are related to each other by their Species-of-Origin : COLOR

While, on the other hand, the other form of opposition is devoid of any Supportive Imagery, and simply relies on an Imaginary Hollowness or Emptiness that cannot even begin to be conceived and nothing resembles it in nature - not even space...


Remember then: MENTAL JUDGMENT is a the metaphysical origin of error, and it all starts with JUDGING THE NUMERICAL ONE FOR EXISTENCE.

This judgment reduces The Meaningful Identity into a Numerical Value and subjecting this identity to Doubt through The Possibility to Negate numerical presence. It transforms Lively Images full of IDENTITY into Dead Numerical Frames devoid of any Expressive Power - sucking the life out of those image, like a frame that suddenly distract attention away from the painting preventing vision from entering its world.

This negative Power of Suction behaves in the same way as BLACK behaves when hit by sunlight. It absorbs the light instead of reflecting it into further servitude of SIGHT or VISION.

MENTAL JUDGMENT is originally based on an absurd logic that  assumes that NON-EXISTENCE and EXISTENCE are real opposites just because they can come together in MIND as such, when in reality: take a look around you... EXISTENCE is so prevalently and obviously beyond contrariety and it is more related to Identity and not to any Confirmative Numerical Presence...

Also remember: there is no such thing as absolute opposition... Contrariety is not absolute. It originates from the term contrast which does not mean repelling opposition or separation the the absolute sense that non-existence or zero-ness imply. We've already gave an example how two colors of the same spectrum may contrast; this does not render them opposites in any sense... White & Black contrast to the maximum  - to the extent that they are referred to as opposites; however in essence they are both colors. They cannot be opposites beyond relativity. White could become more black and black could become more white, and they could both meet at the middle grey area in between... On the other hand, the Absoluteness of the OPPOSITION implied between  1 vs. 0 or existence vs. nonexistence is rather based on an image of ABSOLUTE SEPARATION and not contrast; because, only such separation could possibly carry the implication that there is such nature of opposition...

Opposition in this absolute sense claims that there is some form of contrast that could render two entities opposites only because they are opposites and beyond any element of relativity. There is no SPECIES that could ever measure up for the degree of opposition implied in  The Duality of Existence vs. Non-existence or provide for any explanation as to why or how such opposites oppose each other besides the possibility of opposition itself. Plus, such relativity, if it were to exist, it would challenge the absoluteness of their opposition...

So, to assume the existence of Absolute Opposition is to basically assume the existence of a Form of Eternal Separation... There is no such conceivable image of separation, neither is there anything in space and time that bares any resemblance to such image, because any two separate objects in space would still have Space as  a relative element in common and thus, cannot be separate beyond relativity... Two apples on a plate are relatively two separate objects; however, each relates to the space it occupies in an exactly similar sense that renders it numerical and accountable... 

SO what could ever be separate in the Absolute sense of separation?

Remember then that the Image of Separation originated from the concept of TWO-NESS (The Origin of Number).

We've already defined two-ness as being the byproduct of  a relative space or interval around an object's extremities that accounts for the object's numerical possibility and which the mind registers as a ZERO-NESS in relation to ONENESS or a form of EMPTINESS RELATIVE TO THE OBJECT'S OCCUPATIONAL PRESENCE.

Could Opposition base its Absoluteness on such relative concept and yet remain Absolute?

Could the conception of TWO-NESS transcend the conception of ONENESS so as to provide grounds to negating ONENESS and giving form to the existence of Eternal Separation?

We've already demonstrated how the Zero and the One relate to one another by virtue of the deceptive nature of Space which gives rise to both of them. Does the space within the occupational presence of a given object differs in such drastic manner than the space outside the object's occupational presence that it cannot ever be a conjoining element? And if not, how can the logic of Separation be totally based on the nature of such conjoining element..

In conclusion, separation in the sense of absolute opposition between two entities is a cognitive default based on an Ancient Erroneous Mental Judgment...

This Interior cognitive misconception is paralleled by an Exterior misperception that influences how we see reality and the objects and events that falls within...

We tend to view the contrast highlighted by an object or event's relative interaction with space & time within the context of separation and segregation... This automatically renders the perceived object or event as a numerical one and the particular space surrounding it as an existing numerical emptiness... Consequently, the object is translated into 1 and the emptiness into another 1. Thus, 0 & 1 are both  numerical entities that are in the Truth-in-Finality nothing but 1 & 1 which is what TWO means: The Origin of Separation and Number...

This maxim will be explored in more depth later. For now, keep in mind that any form of polarity or contrariety that falls within the context of TWO-NESS cannot contrast in any absolute sense.

Finally, this leaves no sense to the Language of Absolute Opposition which accounts for the Mind's most ancient and dangerous metaphysical illnesses, beyond being  a form of negativity for the sake of negativity and in the absolute and obvious presence of positivity.

This is the DARK side of FREEWILL - ELSE KNOWN AS THE DARK SIDE OF THE MIND. On one hand NUMBER constitutes the mathematics of possibility and on the other hand it is in-seeded with the logic of SELF-DESTRUCTION...

KNOWLEDGE is based on this possibility, yet it is like an arrow which if it shakes a milligram upon embarking it drifts miles away from target upon landing....


 The MIND (The Internal SUN)

The Form One and the Forms:

As already made clear, anytime the mind gathers conception of anything, the mind somehow utilizes an innate knowledge of the Form ONE in order to identify the Object of Conception i.e. to put it within a Frame-of-Unity (else referred to as Identity or What-ness).

On the perceptual level, it has also been revealed how the mind somehow translates this numerical frame externally by isolating the extremities of objects - reducing them into numerical values responsible for our perceptual awareness of the statistical presence of those objects.

However, the mechanism of such activity is not yet clear.

Does the Mind (as The Knower) projects or superimposes the Form ONE from the inside outwards towards a soup of physical substance causing this soup to somehow reflect this Oneness and as a result objects emerge from this soup resonating with meanings and identities?


Is this soup of physical substance already made up of numerical objects that project their identities inwards unto the mind and the mind's role (in such case) is to simply register those numerical identities using its own interior "database" i.e. Its Innate Knowledge of The Form One and The Realm of Forms in general.

If the Mind (as The Knower) projects its nature outwards towards the Object of Knowledge, then this Projection would have to be an extension of the internal realm of Mind, perhaps in a way similar to how light rays are extensions of the Sun.  It would have to transport the internal power of mind outwards causing the Exterior Realm to reflect this power, and as a result the Physical Substance becomes mental in nature, resonating with the mind's substance (numerical identities and Forms that ultimately reflect the Form One which has no presence in nature outside the mind). 

As for the the second possibility, the Form One, according to it, would have to exist out there independently of the Mind and would have to some how be present in each and every object. This is impossible....The other flaw that haunts this possibility is:  in assuming that the mind could register in this Form One through an innate ability to recognize it, it somehow appears to adopt an Empirical Logic yet still admit to the mind's ability to process numerical identities utilizing innate knowledge of a Concept that does not exists in nature outside the Mind: The Concept One.

The logic of such assumption is self defeating. On one hand it seems to presume that knowledge of the Form One is innate, and on the other hand it holds on to the assumption that knowledge of everything else is empirical.

In any case, the most important difference between the two case-scenarios is that the former presents the Mind as an Active Giver while the latter depicts the Mind as a Passive Receiver, and this difference is really what distinguishes the Innate Logic from the Empirical One.

The Sun  & The Form ONE:

If there is anything in nature out there that resembles such Active Giver - A Giver that projects its internal power over the external realm causing it to resonate with this power and translate it, it must be the SUN. Understanding this point is key to understanding why the SUN plays such an essential role in Plato's Philosophy. 

Plato gave special significance to the Sun in both, his Myth of the Sun and Myth of the Cave.

According to Plato, the Sun is represents the Ultimate Good, because it is in pure harmony and complete servitude to The Gnostic Cause of all Causes: KNOWLEDGE.

The SUN 's nature is to constantly emanate LIGHT, and when light hits objects, it transfers those objects into VISIBLE EXTREMITIES vibrating with shape, color and meaning - not only providing them with the element that verifies their PERCEPTUAL IDENTITY, but also transferring them into tools of translation that ultimately serve to translate the nature of the agency of sight itself.

Remember, according to the Gnostic Law, everything is created for a reason layered upon reason, all of which ultimately ascend to reveal the nature of Consciousness.

The SUN, in Plato's myth is symbolic of the Wholly Mind, and the Gnostic significance of its presence in this world does not stop at only making things visible to the immediate eyes as it appears to be present for, but rather, it also translates this very Gnostic Truth that we are revealing right here right now: how the Mind makes objects Conceptually POSSIBLE is translated in how the sun makes them perceptually possible...

The MIND, like the SUN, emanates the AGENCY OF SIGHT, and this AGENCY transfers the physical realm into a realm that resembles its nature - a realm where there exists a Sun that makes things visible, translating what it is like for the mind to make things identifiable...

The Sun emanates the most essential substance of life, Light, which not only apparently is instrumental in the perceptual mechanism, but also on many other levels.

For example, on a biological level, consider the role sunlight plays in plant life by allowing for the production of chlorophyll, or in human life by fortifying bones with vitamin D, or on an earthly level by keeping earth at a temperature that permeates life in general  etc....

However, Plato associated Existence to A State of Mental Vision prior to being A State of Physical or Biological Being, and man to Plato is An Eye prior to being A Hand or any other Limb...

The logic of this Platonic axiom could be traced back to the Gnostic Nature of the Cause of Existence. As already revealed, in Gnosis, existence = knowledge, and anything beyond knowledge, lacks what it takes to exist.

Thus, the significance of the Sun's existence in Plato's world is more reflected in the role that the sun plays in permeating vision rather than in supporting biological life in general.  Thus, Plato concentrated on the element that relates the Sun to Sight: light.

Light is apparently a key agency in the mechanism of perception. However, according to Plato, the reality of perception altogether reflects a much higher reality which is conception...Accordingly, the role that the Sun plays in perception is symbolic of a much important role - the role that the mind plays in conception; and if there is one major reason that justifies the sun's existence in the first place, it must be precisely this role. In short, without the Sun, we would not know what we need to know about the mind.

If the Sun, to Plato, represents the Mind, it logically follows that Sunlight must then represent the Power of the Mind.

Sunlight to vision, more than acting like a flash to a camera, it is a rather a perceptual representation of how The Mental Power works.

If there is a Mental Form that reflects the engine of such power, it must be The Form One:

Sunlight externally (on the perceptual level) serves to translate to human understanding the nature of the Form One internally (on the conceptual level).

The Form One, in the same way as light makes things externally visible, makes forms internally identifiable,

Despite its obviousness and prevalence, light is completely disguised behind the very appearance of the objects that it permeates into sight - disguised in such a way that it is never an object of sight in itself; and similarly, the Form One, as an Identity in itself, is disguised behind the many Identities or Mental Forms it permeates into conception...

It stands silently on the top of the Hierarchy of Forms, and without it no identity could ever emerge into conceptual or perceptual existence; yet it resembles light in its forbidden simplicity, residing in everything without being anything in particular.

The overflowing nature of sunlight conceals the Sun's extremities in space in the same way as the nature of the Form One conceals the Mind's Presence; so much so that the Mind's presence is narrowed down to the presence of those numerical entities highlighted by The Form One which we refer to as thoughts, as if the Mind is a numerical container of some sort..

The Mental Eye is so pre-occupied by the MANY forms projected into sight by The Form One, that it is almost constantly oblivious to the nature of the Projector and the Mechanism of Projection.

In addition to being the star of his myths, Plato as already mentioned, compared the SUN to the Ultimate Good. He did so in reference to the GIVING role that the Mind (as a Knower) plays in the world of knowledge, and to what knowledge stands for in the Truth-in-Finality.

Conventionally, To Give implies To Loose something by sending it forth to a receiver who in turn Gains something. However, in the Unique Case of the Sun, the Sun as a Giver, is not lessened in anyway by the light it Gives, neither does the Receptivity to Light makes the Receiver gain anything beyond itself and resonating with its own truth.

Light to the Sun is not something that the sun looses but rather it never really departs the Sun in the first place, and it remains as long as the sun exists. In other words, light is essentially what makes the Sun a Sun, and To shine is an inherent nature of the sun and not something that could be acquired or lost so long as the sun remains the sun.

In other words, Giving Light, in the sun's case, is not an intentional act, and understanding this point is skeletal to understanding the logic of The Fifth Science.

In the case of an intentional act of giving, the action is preceded by an intention, and it comes latent to the Actor. While in the case of Sunlight, the Action comes hand in hand with the Actor without any timely order of precedence, in such a way that the Actor and the Action are both ONE. The action describes the Actor, and the nature of the Actor appears in the Action.

Thus, the Sun does not give light by sending it froth outside itself, but rather by simply being a sun and resonating with meaning and form, and this is precisely what Giving really means in the Gnostic Finality. This is precisely what Christhood stands for in Gnostic Christianity. Christ gave what he gave to humanity by simply being Christ and not by acting like a Christ or acting like The Savior. He simply walked the path of salvation and humanity followed this path. He did not intend to play the role of The Savior;

He is the person with the least tendency to play such role and the most immune against such tendency, and this is the simple truth that made him what he is in thy Father's Eyes - The Simple Truth that skipped the mind of The Embodied Zero - The Devil who refused to bow down to the Earthliness projected by such Heavenly Law.

Remember then that: in the Gnostic Finality, To Give is to simply allow yourself to be What you Are and to allow your Thoughts, Expressions & Actions to resonate with the Power of your Interior on every level just like the sun shines 360 degrees.

This conception of giving not only sheds a light on what giving authentically means but reveals also what receiving means as well.

A conventional receiver receives by absorbing what is given to him by the conventional Giver.

On the other hand, an authentic receiver reflects back what is given by shining with the Power of the Giver, in the same way as objects lit by the sun, reflect the sun's power by shining with form, shape and meaning.

Receiving in the Gnostic dictionary, is basically the Power of Reflecting the nature of the Giver.

Physical objects lit into existence by the sun could be narrowed down to reflections of the sun. Like photos, they are Representatives or Messengers of Light prior to being what they are in particular. Similarly, mental forms are Representatives of The Form One in disguise before being what they are.

In the same way as light superimposes its nature upon the physical substance causing it to shine with The Perceptual Possibility, the Form One superimposes it nature upon the mental substance causing it to resonate with The Conceptual Possibility.

The Mind, like the sun, has the power to transform any Object into a Mental Object. The External Realm responds to the Mind Power by projecting the nature of the Mind.

However, as we've mentioned before, this process of projection or translation, the more it departs from the Object of Translation, the more it becomes prone to the defaults of translation: Error and Deception.

Accordingly, as the External Realm translate the Internal Realm of Mind, it also translates the deceptive role that the Mind plays as A Giver. The External Realm, by reflecting such role, it appears as though it is the GIVING AGENCY THAT EMANATES MENTAL IMAGES INTO VISION and not the other way around.

This breaths life into the basic logic behind empiricism, which assumes that knowledge is acquired through images projected by the physical realm towards the Mind, when they are simply late translations of the Mind and have no progressive life of their own without the Mind...

The physical or external realm, in appearing as The Role Player or The Projector of Images, is simply reflecting the nature of the real Projector, the MIND, GIVING THE DECEPTIVE INVERTED NOTION THAT KNOWLEDGE IS ACQUIRED THROUGH AN EXTERNAL EMPIRICAL ACTION...

Thus, THE MIND (which represents The Nature of Christhood) again pauses as the double-edged sword which is in itself simultaneously the cause of KNOWLEDGE and the cause of DECEPTION.

To comprehend this idea better, consider how in a Dream State a VIRTUAL EMPIRICAL REALM is fully created from scratch in response to a mental activity referred to as dreaming which is completely and absolutely MENTAL... The only difference is that in a Dream-State the MIND stands out clearly as THE CREATOR OF THIS EXPERIENCE, because the dreamer never physically leaves his place or open his eyes, while in the WAKING STATE things take on more of a deceptive edge.

To think that in the Gnostic logic everything is created for a reason that layers upon other layers of reason all of which ultimately relate to knowledge, one of the innermost layers-of-reason as to why DREAMS exist must be to TRANSLATE THIS HIDDEN POWER OF THE MIND TO CREATE THE EMPIRICAL REALITY - SOMETHING THAT THE WAKING-STATE FAILS TO TRANSLATE AS FAITHFULLY...

At this point, it is important to remind you that the notion of THE TRANSLATION BEING UNFAITHFUL TO THE OBJECT TRANSLATED supports the basic logic behind METAPHYSICAL ERROR, otherwise referred to as EVIL. Remember for now that what is religiously known as EVIL originates basically from Defaults in Translation, and all thoughts & actions in space and time ever identified as evil are basically evil in terms of expressing WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE TRANSLATION TO BE UNFAITHFUL TO THE MEANING IT TRANSLATES. Consider Lying for example....

I shall stop for now and leave you with your own thoughts on the material presented so far....

In the 2nd Part of this project, I will present to you the Unique Fifth Science itself (Translated into English and explained to the best of my ability). In it I shall go into greater depth revealing the ancient hidden mechanism of perception and cognition and the intricate mathematics of deception (unique information never seen or heard of before).

How and When the 2nd part will be published depends upon your response to the material presented in this part.

Upon reading the Fifth Science, it will become clear to you exactly how the material presented to you in this part fit just in the right place to serve in bringing the unique logic of the Fifth Science into comprehensible grounds.

Without understanding the basic logic presented to you in this part, there is little chance that The Fifth Science shall be understood.

Thus, if the subject interests you enough and you feel that you need further explanation or clarification on any point, please do not hesitate to contact druzenet. Your comments and remarks are also welcomed at anytime.

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